Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Loooong week

Hey everyone!

    So this week........was. Haha it was pretty slow to be honest. Elder Fifita is still sick with a bad cough and cold, so we spent most of the daytime proselyting hours indoors, and really only left to go
to appointments so we could share it with the members! Haha I'm surprised they didn't kick us out of their houses. But anyways he's still sick, and so after we're doing emailing here we're going to a
walk-in clinic. Elder Fifita refused to go to the doctor, and so one of the members jokingly (or so we thought) called President Campbell and told him to tell Elder Fifita to go haha. So today after the
temple he came up and did just that! The members have given us so much medicine though it's ridiculous. It's nice that they care I guess!

    Speaking of the temple, we got to go earlier today it was sweet! They switched Pday to today and so we went with most of the other missionaries at 8 this morning. Only the city missionaries and the
ones serving relatively close can go, so we were lucky! I loved it, I miss the temple like you wouldn't believe! I can't wait to come home and be able to go more regularly.

    So yesterday, some members in our ward had a pig roast! Like a straight-out-of-Tonga pig roast! I guess they did one a couple weeks ago, and so one of the members has a pit already dug out in his
backyard, and so we roasted a pig in it. One of the many benefits of having a Tongan companion. So we went yesterday with some people to a Hutterite Colony about 30km down the road, picked up a 75 pound pig, and brought to a members house. Long story short, we killed it, gutted it, prepared the fire, put the pig in, buried it, and then waited for 2 hours. It was sweet! I think I like the stuff the Mcdougals made more, but we didn't have banana leaves. Only Montreal Steak Seasoning :) When I get home in a million years I'll show you guys the picturesand video of the pig! Pretty cool.

   Yeah there's a huge youth in this ward! There are a lot of older couples, young couples, and families with kids, it's pretty balanced. It's a huge ward though, something I'm definitely not used to haha.
Speaking of church, I got to speak on Sunday! To be honest I love speaking in church. I love getting up there and listening to the sound of my voice! But I hate preparing the talk! It's true you learn quite
a bit when you study the topic, but it takes me sooo much time it's ridiculous. I got to speak on Fasting and Missionary work in honor of the fast today. It went well I hope. I didn't collapse or anything and
nobody stood up in open rebellion during or afterwards so it must have been okay!

     You bet I've learned to drive in the snow! Actually it's been pretty dry until today. It snowed while we were in the temple, but other than that it's been above freezing most of the week it's been
nice. We're allotted 2500 km a month, which is pretty impossible to reach. On a busy day we drive 60-70 km so we probably will never reach the limit.

    Still no northern lights :( not since that time in October anyway. I'm hoping for some next winter when it's colder. I hear theylike the cold :)

    They actually do have Baskin Robbins here! But not any in Spruce Grove that I've seen. I saw a couple in Edmonton though. They actually get quite a bit of business in the Winter it's surprising. I guess
most people figure they're going to be cold regardless of what they eat :)

    Alright I'm out of things to talk about.....we didn't teach any investigators this week so I have no one to talk about, but next week should be good! I'm glad to hear life's going well back in P-Town. I
miss the rain :)

Thanks for sending the package mom! Hopefully it'll be here soon I'm running low on supplies, but it should be good. And tell Grandma Read and Grandma and Grandpa Hyde thanks for the package and the letters!

Love you guys!

Elder Read

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