Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey mom! This week was a pretty crazy week. Thanks for sending the
package, I haven't gotten it yet but I'm glad it's coming, I'll need
it soon. Life here is good! We've been busy, but that makes time go by
faster. We haven't taught many investigators yet, but that'll change
pretty soon. We'll be blessed for our efforts for sure! We went
tracting last Wednesday and it was actually a lot of fun. We met this
big black guy that opened the door with a pink Playstation controller
in his hand, and when I started talking he turned around and started
playing video games again hahaha my companion and I lost it it was
hilarious. He just turned around, smiled and said no thanks. I love
the people you meet. Then we bible bashed for a little bit with a
black minister. It's so pointless to bible bash haha nobody wins! We
gave up and told him to pray about it. I'm sure he will :) We had
donairs this week! I think they pronounce and spell it different in
Germany, but that's the Canadian way. They were mighty delicious. I
love them! But they were so bad for me. It was awesome :) I haven't
gained any weight yet! That's why it's nice to be in a walking area
for Christmas, because people literally dump food on us all of the
time! They feed us really well here. My ward's great. Honestly I can't
think of anything to tell you guys about....canadian candy is the
best! I've eaten so many Wunderbars lately it's awesome haha. I love
them! We're going shopping at Costco today and I'm determined not to
buy any in bulk......pray for me hahaha. Anyways I love it here! It's
still no too cold, but they're predicting the longest and coldest
winter on record this year, so we're going to buy a coat and all that
good stuff today. The wind is crazy here though. That's the one part I
hate, but it's all good walking is good for me! I can't think of
anything I need from home.....if you ever get a chance I could use my
white speaker, but that can be whenever you get a chance. Not crucial
at all. Anyways glad to hear everyone's doing well! I love you guys! I
wrote a ton of letters today so I think I'm all caught up! Haha. Okay
it's sacred basketball time, I'll talk to you next week!
Elder Read

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