Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey Mom! And everyone else :)
     So today is the last day in the MTC, so they give us time (a lot of time, actually) to write home! Cool eh? I've been spending the past week with Elder Atwood trying to perfect my Canadian, he is a very good teacher. I refuse to say rolls now. They're called "buns". And the bathroom is now the "washroom". "Been" is now pronounced "bean", and "sorry" is now "soary". Yes sir they're gonna be asking which province I'm from in no time! 
     Today we had both class sessions pretty early on, and we just barely finished our last one, so I'm done! Now we spend the rest of the day packing and studying. I have so much to squeeze into those suit cases, but with the Lords help, I'll fit everything. Haha so today I got to give a baptismal interview to one of our "investigators", and the rest of the district watched from the other room. They have observation rooms with a one-way window, so they could see and hear us but we couldn't see. It went really well.
     General Conference was sweet! Dad I listened to that talk and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I was called to my mission for a reason, I'm excited to get out there. You get so much more out of meetings when you take notes! Seriously it's sweet. I really enjoyed both Sunday sessions. Sister Dalton's talk was really good too. If you haven't heard it, do it! Last night after Conference we went to the Departure Devotional, and they basically just told us to make a good impression for our Mission Prez and don't be stupid! I can handle that. Then we had the Sunday Evening fireside and Chad Lewis and his wife spoke. He played for BYU and then played 9 years for the Philadelphia Eagles. I bet he's rich. And I am jealous. But it was a really good talk, he spoke about losing ourselves in the work and letting our light shine. He had some really cool stories too. 
     Tell me about life at home! Bryant better be emailing me pretty quick here, and so should Geoff and Nicole! And Chris, I refuse to reply to a letter that talked about nothing other than the fact that you were writing me a was a good letter though don't get me wrong! 
     So Friday we had In-Field orientation. Which is basically Sit-on-your-butt-and-listen-to-them-talk-about-the-mission-field orientation. It was soooo fun! Haha longest day of my life. 
     Don't worry I've been taking pictures like you wouldn't believe! I can't believe you would doubt me :) I just can't send them home unless I print them out. The USB connector won't work on these computers, so I'll send some home on my next Pday. 
     The other day I was eating raviolli with a spoon (don't ask me why) and it got caught on my plate and flipped raviolli and the sauce all over my Donald Trump tie that Geoff and Nicole gave me! I was so mad! So now I have to wait until I'm in the field to dry clean it because they were closed for conference. Ridiculous. Everyone is jealous of my brown shoes. I knew these babies would come in handy :) I'm wearing them as I speak! 
     So tomorrow I leave at 4 in the morning, which means I wake up at like 3. Then we leave at 7, get into Denver at 8:30, then leave for Edmonton at 9:00, and fly in at around noon. So hopefully sometime in between those times I'll have time to call home. I'll do it somehow! But be ready for a possible phone call any from around 4 in the morning on :) I will not hold back just because you're asleep! So think of things you want to say and write them down so that in your tired state we can still have a civilized conversation. Transfers aren't until Wednesday, so we'll probably stay at the mission home overnight. I'm hoping I have a good first companion. Okay my time is up, so I will hopefully talk to you tomorrow!
Love you guys!
Elder Read
P.S. does this baby make it onto a blog!? I'm famous :) Tell all your friends about it so they can hear about my adventures in the land of the Canadians!

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