Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Transfers come and go

Hey family,

So I just wrote this email.......and then deleted it by accident. I
don't know why it didn't save in drafts, but it didn't. So I'll do my
best to type what I had in the short amount of time I have left! Haha.

Transfers were this week, we expected a lot to change but nothing did!
Which is fine by me. Transfers are a headache, and the less I have to
deal with the better! Elder Fifita's been District Leader for 9
months, and will be at 10.5 at the end of this transfer. That's a
really long time haha so he was hoping he'd drop this transfer, but he
stayed. This transfer will be a huge one though. There are a ton of
people moving around, which is weird because there's no new
missionaries coming out this transfer.

Haha today we were coming home from service at the Salvation Army
Thrift Store, and we saw this exercise bike on the side of the road
with a "free" sign on it. So we stopped, threw it in the back, and
drove it home. It's now sitting in the only open space available, the
kitchen :) So forget going to the gym, now all I have to do is wake
up, walk into the kitchen, and I'm set! We were pretty excited about
it haha.

Hey so we have a problem.....you sent the wrong slacks :( These ones
are HUGE hahaha. The ones I want are black, and are the ones you
bought me last year, they have blue fabric on the inside of the waist,
that's the only way I tell them apart from the others. I also would
enjoy the gray slacks I bought last year. Slack season is in two
weeks, so it would be nice to have them :) Also, if you wouldn't mind
sending my dark blue Zoo York jacket that I got from a Staci a million
years ago, and also the black and white striped jacket I left home. I
know I know.....I should have brought them with me, but I didn't think
I'd need them! My need is dire.

Not much else happened this week. We went on exchanges with Barrhead,
and I finally got to leave the area! Leaving the area is like going on
vacation haha. You don't have to worry about teaching, planning,  etc.
All you do is follow the other person around, bear occasional
testimony, and eat all of the food in their apartment. It was

Alright I'm out of time....I think I covered everything I had
originally.....if not I'll include it next week. I miss you guys! Hope
all is going well back in the good state of Oregon.

Love you all,

Elder Read

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