Wednesday, March 28, 2012

General Conference!

Oh my gosh. I kid you not, I just deleted the email again. This
MyLDSMail thing is garbage!

Anyways, fortunately I was only about 3 paragraphs in. I'll restart.

Hey there family and everybody else!

This week is General Conference! It's like the Super Bowl for
missionaries, I'm so excited! General Conference also means Suits come
off! I've been waiting for this day since I arrived in Canada. I've
never really enjoyed a suit very much and I've been waiting for 6
months to take it off :) So I'm pretty stoked. I figured maybe I'd get
used to it, but I really don't like it haha. I only have to wear it
for 6 more months of my mission after this week though :) Crazy!

It snowed again this week......lame. I'm pretty ready for spring. It's
been warming up slowly though, and the snow is almost melted again.
Hopefully we're done this year, but probably not. It's been an
incredibly warm winter though. I still hear "If you were here last
winter, you'd know how lucky you are this year" almost daily. Truth be
told, I'm really glad I wasn't here last year haha thank you diabetes!

It blows my mind how much Canadians follow the happenings in the
States. Everyone watches March Madness and all of the other sports,
EVERYONE asks me about Mitt Romney and if I think he'll make it, and
then go off on a 30-minute politics conversation, and everyone remarks
at how little Americans know about Canada. Haha. I grew up not knowing
a thing about Canada, and they all grow up learning about the States
in school. It's pretty interesting. I wish I'd learned more.

So I think I told you they found out I play piano last week in
Priesthood? So I got asked to play again this week. I think it's going
to become consistent haha but I don't mind it keeps me up to date.
Having a keyboard in the apartment has been awesome. I love playing
the piano. I can honestly say I don't regret taking lessons, and you
have that in writing :)

Woooooo my sister's famous! :)  I think of that Rhode Island girl in
Miss Congeniality,

    "What is your idea of a perfect date?"
    "Hmm that's a tough one. I would have to say April 25th. Because
it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."

Hahahaha knock em dead Calista! :) Pioneer-style beauty pageants! Woo!

Yeah Mom if you'd send all those things that would be much
appreciated. I can fit it all in my suitcases, but even then it
doesn't matter. I don't have to worry about stuffing things in
suitcases for another 18 months :) I have plenty of time to down size!

Sister Peart.....the name doesn't ring any bells, what does she look
like? I don't remember any Portland bound missionaries around our
classroom, but I might be wrong. Ask her where her classroom was.

Bryant's the man! I didn't bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting
until my mission haha good for him! We're only supposed to get up if
there's a gap between testimonies (which is pretty much inevitable
every week haha).

The work here is......slow haha but it's picking up! Ever since the
Mission-wide fast, we've noticed a lot of missionary activity in the
ward. They're all enthusiastic about it, so we've been trying to get
around to everyone and to encourage them in their efforts. My
predicition is that by summer things will be booming. Tracting around
here is pretty ineffective too. Most of the people that live in the
city of Spruce Grove are older people set in their ways, but we do it
anyway! We're bound to find someone.

Anyways, life's good! I'm excited for Summer and warmth. I forgot what
it feels like to be comfortable outside. I miss you all and hope
everything's going well back in the motherland!

Love you guys,

Elder Steven

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