Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekly Report from Canada

Hello family of mine,

    This week was pretty solid. Tuesday night a member called and
asked us to come over and help them paint their house, so we went over
Wednesday morning, and worked from 10am until 3pm. It was brutal, I
strongly dislike painting haha. But we did it anyway, and I got paint
pretty much everywhere except the walls. Little did I know that primer
can come off in the wash, though, so some of my darks have little
white spots on them. When will I learn! Elder Fifita was given the job
of sanding the walls, and they didn't give him a mask or anything, and
he was still borderline sick. So after he was finished he got all
congested and it set his cold off again. He's starting to lose his
voice and he's even worse now than he was 6 weeks ago. So we went to
the doctor on Thursday night and they told him he has Bronchitis and
gave him a bunch of prescriptions. Hopefully they work haha he's a
little ornery when he's sick :) I still have yet to see a healthy
Elder Fifita!

    General Conference was awesome! Sunday Morning session was sweet.
I liked Elder Hallstrom's talk on how there's a difference between the
Gospel and the Church, and President Eyring's talk on Adversity. We
watched 4/5 sessions at the church, and then a member invited us over
for lunch Sunday afternoon so wewatched the Sunday Afternoon session
over tehre. Conference is the best, and it always comes right when I
need it too. I also liked President Uchtdorf's talk where he quoted
the bumper sticker "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you
do" hahaha everyone's quoting that! "Stop it" is another commonly
quoted phrase too :)

    It snowed again on Sunday, but then it melted by dinner. The
weather's getting warmer and warmer. We're now usually sitting at
about 12 C. I love the warm weather, it's glorious. Yeah Dad you
better believe we took those jackets off! We just wear a coat over our
shirt and ties :)

    So I went to put on my slacks the other day and they are a little
tight :) Mannnnnn! This week they made us relinquish our gym key
because we're too loud in the morning. Which makes no sense because I
ride the dinky little exercise bike in there and Fifita sleeps on the
workout bench haha. Oh well, we still have the exercise bike that we
found in the city :)

    We're hoping to start teaching a less active family in our ward
this week. Their son is 12 and told his mom he wants to start coming
to church and get baptized. So we went over last week and set up a
time to teach him the discussions. Missionaries have tried in the past
though, and nothing really happened. So we're hoping for a different
outcome this time around! Members here are awesome and are still
working with their friends. Hopefully when Summer rolls around things
will be going well.

    Alright that's all I've got today, not too much to report this
week. Have yourselves a good week and I'll talk to you next week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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