Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here Comes The Sun!

My fellow Americans,

    This week was the bomb! Yesterday I felt the warmest weather in
almost 6 months. It was 22 degrees outside! That's 70 F! Needless to
say we spent our Pday outdoors playing ultimate frisbee it was
wondrous. Maybe if I say my prayers every night it'll happen again.
    This week we had 2 count them TWO discussions! Haha it was
glorious. We've been teaching a girl named Jamie and she's solid. Her
friend's in our ward and she's been coming with him for probably
around 3 months now. As long as I've been in the area, at least. She
was scared off by the previous missionaries, but since Elder Fifita
and I are too cool for school, she accepted our invitation to take the
discussions. Haha just kidding we're the two biggest goobers in the
mission, but we've been working for a long time try and make her feel
comfortable with us and help her realized we're normal people
underneath the suits. So we taught her the first lesson last week and
the second lesson yesterday. It went really well and she accepted the
invitation to be baptized! So that's sweet. We left the date to them
though so they'll get back to us soon. We also met with Scott, the
other member referral. He's in his early 20's and has two kids. He
really wants to change his life but he's afraid to start because he
knows it'll be a big process. So we've been teaching him and trying to
help him have the confidence in himself to change. Good stuff! We've
been really blessed the past couple of weeks it's been awesome. Summer
is a good time to be a missionary!
    Elder Fifita is almost better! I don't care if I jinx it I give
up haha. It's awesome though. transfers are next week and I can
honestly say I'll be sad if he gets transferred. It's taken quite
awhile to get used to each other but right now it's the best it's
been. I've really grown to love him and he's taught me a ton. Who
knows though! It's not unheard of for someone to stay in an area for 5
transfers and serve with the same companion for 3. So he could stay,
we'll see!
    We did a lot of service this week! One of the less-active members
in our ward works out on a farm, and so we went out twice this week to
help him. The first day we dug post holes put up a fence for the
horses. It was hard work! They were super basic fences, but it took
forever to put up the wiring around it. It was fun though it was good
to get outside. The second day we helped him chop wood. He always has
a ton of wood in front of his house and it honestly looks like it came
right out of the forest. We asked him where he got it and he said
"wherever." Haha we have our suspicions. Anyways so he chopped it all
up with a chainsaw and Elder Fifita split it all. I've never seen
someone split wood like him. The man's a power house it was crazy! He
did it a lot back home I guess. Afterwards we had a fire and roasted
marshmallows it was sweet! I miss camping.
    That's too bad that President Dalton's getting released. But he's
been in there since before I was born I'm sure! Interviews with him
were always amazing. Maybe he'll go to Nursery like President
Duncombe! :)
    Well that's pretty much all I've got for this week. Have
yourselves a good week! But don't have too much fun without me.

Love you guys,

Elder Read

PS tell Grandma Read I've gotten the two letters she's written. I'm
sending my reply off tomorrow. She's the best!

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