Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's April 10th!

Creative title I know. I'm running out of clever things to say!

    This is getting ridiculous. I just deleted the email AGAIN! So
here goes my attempt to remember what I typed haha.

    Mom you were released!? That's super crazy I feel like you were
just put in the Young Womens! The Nursery is sweet though, I hope you
know how much the girls loved you in Young Womens though. I heard it
from them more times than you'd believe! Man I love the sacrament
meetings when everything changes! Branden Driver's the man I'm not
surprised he's in the Bishopric. What happened to Bro. Worsley and
Easter was sweet! The Bergers, the less-active part-member family
we've been working with since I got here came to church for the first
time in years! It was awesome to see them. We've been stressing that
we won't baptize her son until they've become active again, and it's
starting to seem like they're sincere in there desire to come back. It
was great. One of the members in our ward had a friend that we're
gonna teach next Monday too, so we're excited. It's cool the see the
work slowly start to pick up.
Easter dinner was at the Simmon's it was awesome. I love ham no
matter how many times I've eaten it! Afterwards we stopped by a
less-active family and they fed us cake. The past 3 times we've gone
over there they've been in the middle of some celebration and are
eating cake. It's getting ridiculous haha.
Elder Fifita is starting to get better! If all goes well we'll be
at full-strength this week. I'm starting to get superstitious though
haha. Every time I talk about him getting better he gets worse. So as
far as you're all concerned he's been in the hospital for 3 days and
isn't expected to recover haha.
The weather here is beautiful! It's almost 15 C outside and I'm
in short sleeves! Warm weather makes me trunky though. All I think
about is hiking back home and playing basketball after work! But
proselyting is a million times better in warm weather so that's good!
We went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week. I was with
Elder Morely, he's an awesome guy and he's my age! So of course we
acted accordingly. He taught me how to rip phone books in half, so at
the end of the day we spent the rest of the night ripping phone book
after phone book apart! The other zone leader taught Elder Fifita the
same thing so when we got back together we did the same thing! Kids
these days.
So yeah! It's been a good week. Thanks for sending all of the
stuff mom! I haven't gotten it yet but I'm sure it'll come soon. Have
fun in Utah, I love roadtrips I wish I could go too! Do work family!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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