Sunday, May 6, 2012

April showers bring May greenies!


    This week was way good! Elder Fifita and I have been doing really
well together and we've been having a lot of fun this transfer, which
of course means he's out of here. He's getting transfered about 20 km
down the road to the Mission Hill ward in St. Albert. He'll be in the
same stake (so the same zone as well) and so I'll see him every Pday
it'll be cool. President then blindsided me by calling me as a
trainer! I can honestly say that's the last thing I expected haha I'm
pretty young mission wise and I feel like I just came out. But that's
what happened so I'm running with it! I won't know who I get until
transfer meeting tomorrow. They have a trainer's meeting at 8am
tomorrow morning and they'll put us with our new guys and then we'll
go to transfer meeting at 11am. So it'll be cool I'm excited! It means
I have to drive for another 6 weeks because missionaries can't drive
their first transfer. I love driving but I'm ready to sit back and let
someone else do it haha. Oh well!
    We met with Jamie again last night. She's still solid and is more
than ready to be baptized. We set a date for May 26th but then we
realized afterwards that the 27th is Stake Conference so that'll
probably change. Elder Fifita will be close so he'll be able to go to
the baptism he's excited. Scott our other investigator decided he
didn't want to investigate anymore. It sucked to hear but that's
missionary life. He felt the Spirit on numerous occasions so I think
he'll be back some time in the future
    Bryant is my hero! Doing missionary work in High School that's
awesome good for him. I look back on High School and think about all
of the opportunities I missed it's kinda sad to think about. So don't
miss out on them you'll regret it later!
    Yesterday one of the members took us golfing because Fifita's
never been. It was hilarious. Fifita picked it up quick, but you can
imagine a huge tongan trying to putt or swing at a tiny little ball.
It was a lot of fun though. He loved it but he said he's done with
gold haha he'll stick to rugby.
    So Mother's Day. Yeah we can do that Hangout thing or whatever
it's called. We've had a lot of people offer to let us come over so I
need to find out where we're going and when we can do it. When are you
guys going to be free? We have church from 1-4 our time so let me know
when you're free.
    Dad I would love that thumb drive! Send her on over and I'll
throw everything on there. I've been pretty bad about taking pictures
lately but for whatever reason now that the sun's out I'm more
inclined to pull the camera out!
    Today we'll be pretty busy. We have to say goodbyes, clean, and
all that good stuff so we'll be running around all day guaranteed. I'm
glad I'm not getting transfered haha it's so stressful running around
trying to get everything done. All I have to do is sit back and drive
him around :)
    Anyways that's all I've got this week. Have yourselves a good
week and tell Gramma Read she's in my prayers!

Love you guys!

Elder Read the fourth

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