Sunday, May 13, 2012

Training for two

Hello fans,

    Sorry I'm writing a little late today. They switched Pday to
today so we could go to the temple this morning, so we've been running
around everywhere. It's been busy.

    This week was crazy! Haha training isn't too bad. My new
companion is Elder Nabrotzky from Ontario. The perfect way to describe
him is to compare him to Elder Calhoun from The Best Two Years. He has
enough enthusiasm and energy to serve 3 missions at least haha and
he's as humble as they come! I love the guy haha he's a little too
much sometimes but he's doing great. He's SUPER excited to be out here
and tells me at least every half hour :) But to be honest, at first I
was super disappointed and I thought he would annoy the junk out of
me, but I've really grown to appreciate the enthusiasm. It's a lot
easier to get things done when your companion wants to do the work. Do
I have to pull back on the reins sometimes? Definitely, but he's an
awesome missionary, he's got a big heart and he's happy. I can't
complain. I've also come to realize just how much I don't know hahaha.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm training a new missionary already, but
that's what the Lord wanted me to do! So here I am. Keep us in your
prayers we need it!

    So being the fantastic trainer that I am, I took my young boy to
a hockey game his second day in the field hahaha. I think he was in
shock the entire time. So President Campbell came out about a month
ago and told us we can go to hockey games as long as a member takes us
with an investigator. So our Bishop took us on Thursday to a WHL
(minor league hockey) game it was awesome. Plus it was the Oil Kings
(local team) against the Portland Winterhawks! It was sweet to see my
hometown play in Edmonton. Haha so yeah, I think I gave Elder
Nabrotzky a heart attack because a hockey game might be too much for
the second full day, but it was a good experience for him :)

    This week was also "Treasure Hunt" in Spruce Grove and Stony
Plain. Basically what it is, is throughout the week people put out
things they want to get rid of on their front lawns, and people drive
around and pick out things they want! It's genius! I'm gonna start it
in Aloha when I get home. So we went around and picked up some bikes,
so now we have bikes! We've been using a lot of klicks this month so
we're gonna need to ride bikes to stay under our limit anyway, so
we're excited!

    The weather here is perfect! It's currently a blistering 25
degrees and yesterday it was around 22. So we went out for a walk
yesterday and enjoyed it! \
    Jaime, our current investigator. Was on date for May 19th, but
her parents aren't going to be in town, so we set it instead for June
2nd. She's super excited! I can tell she'll do really well. She has a
lot of support from her friends, and most of them are in the ward, so
that's perfect. It's gonna be sweet!

    We received a referral from a member in California the other day
to come visit her daughter's family living here in Spruce. She's
visiting for a month so she figured now's as good of time as any to
get the missionaries over! So we drove over there and visited with
them for awhile, and then on Sunday they came to church! So we went
over yesterday and taught the first discussion and it went really
well. We're hoping to meet with them again this week and invite them
to be baptized! Things are picking up it's awesome.

    I ripped my pants :( one of the elders jokingly nudged me into
the pew when I was walking past him at transfer meeting, and my pant
leg caught on the hymn holder thing, and it ripped a huge gash in my
pants! So they're shot haha. I took them to multiple members and they
all gave the same diagnosis. So now I'm down to one pair of pants with
this suit..... :( oh well now i have pants to burn at 18 months! :)

    Well I can't think of anything else to report on this week. Enjoy
your week and enjoy the warm weather! I will talk to you guys on
Sunday! Woo!

Love you guys,

Elder Read the 4.5th (for Calista)

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