Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's raining!

Hey fam!

This week was pretty cool. May Long Weekend and Victoria Day ruined
most of our weekend because everyone and their dog went on vacation,
so we did a lot of finding! But as you can imagine, nobody was home.
So now that's over and people are back home, so this week should be a
little better!

On Wednesday we had Mission Tour with Elder Walker of the Seventy. It
was the bomb! I got to see a lot of my MTC buddies which was sweet.
President told me the other day that he's never seen a district come
out of the MTC so unified. Represent! I miss all of those guys, so it
was good to see them. Elder Walker talked, told stories, did
role-plays, trained on Alma 8, etc. It was awesome I loved it. They
fed us lunch too, which is always okay in my book! Afterwards he
answered questions which is always an adventure haha. Some people ask
the weirdest questions.....but there were some good ones too I learned
a lot.

We met with Jaime yesterday and finished off the discussions! So we
scheduled her baptismal interview and told her to start thinking about
who she wants to do what at her baptism. She's super excited and so
are we! Our Bishop was released yesterday and our Ward Mission Leader
was called as the new one, so it'll be really good for Jaime because
Brother (now Bishop) Woloszyn knows her really well and he'll be good
support for her. Now we're just hoping we get another good Ward
Mission Leader.

We did a lot of service this week. We went over to a less-active
lady's house and shoveled dirt haha. Living the dream! We also helped
a Part-Member family roof their house! It was pretty crazy. I don't
know if you've ever roofed a house before, but I sure haven't hahahaha
I had no clue what I was doing! I convinced the Stony Plain
missionaries to come with us, so instead of 2 people running around
with their heads cut off there was a nice group of 4. We stripped the
shingles off, took them to the dump, lifted the plywood up, nailed it
down, and that's all we had time for. I'm assuming they finished it
since then, because it's pouring rain right now.

That's right! It's raining :) I walked outside and trunked myself out
when I smelled the rain coming down, as weird as that sounds haha. It
smells like Oregon outside! It's been raining all day and all night,
so the people here are pretty done with it. They talk about rain here
like we talk about snow haha.

Hey mom thanks for the package! I got it yesterday. The pretzels were
gone before we left the stake center haha. Thanks for the socks too!
The days of "Wow your socks say CTR on them, how cute!" are over! So I
appreciate it. Haha I still laugh for days when I see that picture of
Bryant. Thanks for sending it :)

This week we're going to the mission home on Thursday for a New
Trainer's meeting. Basically it's just an opportunity for President to
follow-up with each of us to see how we're doing. Other than that
it'll be a pretty uneventful week. This weekend is Stake Conference
for all of Canada, and they're having a Canada-wide broadcast from
Salt Lake, so that'll be pretty nifty.

Yeah Erika called! Hahaha she called me Sunday afternoon and asked for
my home number and said she wanted to call my mother and tell her all
about me! She's been awesome. She was baptized last September and is
down with her husband visiting her daughter for her granddaughter's
graduation. So she's down her until the 5th. She got us in the door
with her daughter's family and things have been going really well ever
since. They came to church again last week and loved it. She told us
to take it very slow with them though, so we're not pushing too much,
but they're a great family. I think they'll come along with time.

Elder Nabrotzky is doing pretty well, but still very green haha. I'm
still amazed by his humility though and how much faith he has. He's a
good example for me and if we have any success in the next transfer
and a half it'll be because of him for sure.

Other than that I'm doing really well! Have yourselves a great week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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