Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emails after calls home are so boring!

Hey family!

I know we just talked yesterday, so there's not really anything new to
talk about......but I'll do my best to make this original and
interesting! Haha. Sorry about the mix up with the times, I don't know
why I thought that you guys were the ones ahead an hour.....haha oops.

So this week we met with Jaime, our investigator with a baptismal
date, and she's super excited to be baptized on the 2nd. I love
lessons with her because she's 18, her member friend is 19, and then
you have me and Elder Nabrotzky, so it's like hanging out with
friends! Except we definitely teach a lesson don't you worry haha. We
taught tithing and fasting yesterday and it went really well.

Like I said on Sunday, the Sukhu family came to church on Sunday and
loved it! We're excited to teach them this Saturday and hopefully set
a baptismal date. We shall see. Their work schedule is a little crazy
but they said they'd be back next sunday for sure.

Elder Nabrotzky and I are doing really well. He's still green as all
get out haha but I enjoy serving with him. Two hour companionship
study is still a drag, and I can't wait until it goes back to one
hour, but it's good for both of us. I may be the one doing the
training, but I'm still learning a ton from all of the practice. It's
really good for me. Nabrotzky's been getting frustrated at himself for
making a lot of greenie mistakes haha I laugh about it, but he's
starting to get down on himself. So I'm working on helping him
understand that everyone makes them. He's ready to not be new anymore
haha. He's doing really well though.

Tomorrow we have mission tour with Elder Walker of the Seventy.
Barrhead is driving in tonight to stay with us, so it'll be a party!
I'm not really sure what'll happen at this meeting tomorrow, but I'm
sure it'll be good! Haha.

Ummmmm.......I honestly can't think of anything else to tell you
about. I'm sure there will be more next week though. Tell all of your
friends, family, neighbors, etc that I love mail! :) Have yourselves a
good week!

Love you guys,

Elder Reed, Reid, Red or, you know, Read.

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