Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

We had a pretty solid week! Transfers were this week, and Elder Kember
got a greenie, so he decided to have District Meeting this week. So
Elder Nabrotzky and I drove out to Barrhead Thursday morning. I let
Elder Nabrotzky take over driving haha and he loved it! It's about an
hour drive so I took a nap :) So it's a win win situation. Elder
Kember's son is a black guy from the Congo! His name's Elder Kalala
he's sweet. We stayed in Barrhead for quite awhile that day and then
drove back in the afternoon.

I hit 9 months last Thursday! Man is that weird or what? That's right
I could have had a baby on my mission and you guys wouldn't even know
it! I could have two by the time I'm home :)

We did a ton of service this week. On Saturday we went over to a
Part-Member family's house and helped them roof their house! They're
planning on selling it in the next couple weeks and so we went and
helped them get it ready. We went over at 8am and stayed until around
4:30pm it was sweet. I've never done that before and it was pretty fun
actually. The heat sucked though because the tar paper and the
shingles were melting it was gross. But now I can check that off the
bucket list.

Today is interviews with President Campbell, so we're going to drive
into Edmonton after we're done here. Tomorrow is zone conference and
so Barrhead is driving in and they'll spend the night with us. I love

On Saturday night on our way to dinner, Elder Nabrotzky was backing
out of the parking space, and I, like an obedient missionary, was
backing him out. I was standing directly behind the car, between the
car and the truck behind us, thinking that he'd back out and turn.
Haha but he pressed the gas pedal too hard, panicked, (he's only been
driving a couple of months) and pushed it harder. He also didn't turn.
He was coming straight for me! So I waited for a second to see if he'd
correct himself but he was coming in hot so I punched the hood of the
car twice and then straight up Elf jumped out of the way! Seriously if
you had seen me I would have looked like Legolas himself. Anyways so
Nabrotzky plowed into the truck behind him and left a sweet dent on
our car and nothing on the truck haha. So he's since been removed from
office as designated driver and I have re-assumed that role :) Moral
of the story, I could be crippled right now, but because of my nimble
body and my cat-like reflexes I'm here to tell the tale. We're talking
in the car today after interviews, and they'll give us a rental. So
that was exciting! :)

We had another awesome lesson with the Sukhu's! We decided it was time
to take members over with us when we teach, and so we took Brother and
Sister Wright, our Ward Mission Leader and his wife's a ward
missionary. We went in and taught the Plan of Salvation, and I was
excited for it in the first place, because Danielle (the mom) had been
asking questions for awhile about where we were going after this life.
The lesson was super solid, the Wrights are both converts so they
shared their experiences, and then Elder Nabrotzky invited them to be
baptized and they accepted :) So the 4 of them are on date for July
21st. Tony was especially excited and told us that we had just
answered questions that he'd had his entire life, and nobody could
answer them. So God's plan is perfect! We're super excited though,
they're sweet.

That's all I've got! Thanks for all you guys do and the support that
you give me it's much appreciated. Have yourselves a good week!

Love you guys,

Elder Steven

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