Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Isaac is my hero :)

So I think I just sent a blank email. Woops!

Hello my fellow Oregon-dwellers, past, present, and future!

Isaac got his mission call! Isn't Guatemala where his parents went??
That's super crazy haha good for him he'll love it! I mean, it's not
Canada, but we can't all be called to perfect missions :) Just kidding
who wants to freeze? Not me. Tell him congrats for me and I'm writing
him a letter back as we speak.

I didn't even think about today being the anniversary of my surgery!
Probably because there isn't much difference between living with and
appendix and living without one. Maybe that's why I got Diabetes! Your
appendix prevents it! Somebody should probably research that. Haha I
don't miss that week though, other than playing Yahtzee, of course :)

The baptism was a success! Jaime was super excited and her family all
showed up to support her and half of the YSA ward showed up too it was
awesome. She's solid though and it was sweet to see her baptized.
She'll do great. My talk went pretty well! I've realized just how much
I enjoy teaching. Actually to be honest I think I just like to hear
the sound of my voice. Is that prideful? :)

Elder Nabrotzky and I are doing really well. We're always looking for
more investigators, but Canadians as usual are very comfortable with
how they're living haha. We're working hard though it's all good!

The Sukhu family is still comin along. Erika Jones (the lady that
called), went home on Sunday morning so we went over on Saturday night
and said goodbye. I'm really gonna miss them they were awesome. And
they live in northern California so I may have to pay them a visit
some day. Now we have to teach the family without Erika there, which
will be different, but I think it'll work out alright.

Today we're going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I don't know why
they want to exchange with us, but I don't ask questions haha. So
Elder Nabrotzky is staying in Spruce and I'm going to Edmonton.
Nabrotzky is soooooo nervous though haha we had to plan for almost an
hour last night to help him feel confident about it. He'll do alright.
If he makes mistakes, that's how we learn right?

Well I'm glad to hear the trip to Hood River, the land of my
forefathers, was a success! Was it pretty busy? Haha the Starlight
Run! Was that really a year ago??? Man time flies! Kyle's a year out
next week! I thought time was flying at the beginning of my mission,
but it only gets faster, it's gonna be crazy to see how time flies a
year from now.

Well that's all I've got for you this week. Have yourselves a good week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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