Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy 22 Months to Kyle!

Hello my friends!

For all who weren't aware, today is Kyle's mission birthday. Please celebrate accordingly.

We baptized Andy! He ended up having to be confirmed on Saturday right after the baptism, rather than the next morning at church. He had to go get his gun license or something before he goes back to China so we got President's permission to do it on Saturday. It was sweet though! I got to baptize him and Elder Weber confirmed him. A lot of the ward showed up it was a way good turn out! Andy goes back to China in May so we're going to help him figure out how to attend church back home over the Summer. He should be back in September for school.

Elder Weber was sick for the last half of the week. We spent some time in the apartment, so I wrote letters and exciting stuff like that! He's been doing better though so this week should be a little more busy.

We had Zone Training Meeting on Thursday, and it went really well! The trainings that they gave at ZLC were exactly what our zone needed so we're excited to see what happens! We have the outlying areas ZTM tomorrow, so we're going to drive out to St. Paul in the morning, give the training, then follow the Cherry Grove elders out to their area and spend the day with them! Then we'll drive the 3.5 hours home on Wednesday night! It'll be good because I have some mail to catch up on.

Frane, the other Chinese girl that we're teaching, is on date for May 11th! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized and she agreed! It was awesome, things have been picking up a lot!

On Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Coe! :) Man oh man was it good to see him again. It was nice to get closure, his departure left me scarred. Haha he's doing well though!

I wish I had more to talk about....We decided our zone would be festive this transfer, and so we made up a bunch of holidays! Today is White P Day! So we told everyone to wear all white to the church today to play sports! We're pretty festive. Thursday was Mr Rogers Day so everyone wore a sweater, Tuesday was "Diabetes Day" so everyone had to say something nice to a diabetic! I got lots of nice phone calls haha. Friday was "Ginger Day" (because Elder Weber has red hair) and so everyone had to say something nice to a ginger! I know, we're creative. Anyways that's about all! It snowed again this week, but it's all pretty much melted. I'm looking forward to short-sleeved shirts! Have yourselves a good week!

Love you guys!

Relder Ead

["Kyle" is Kyle Johnson, who is on a mission in New Mexico. -Ed.]

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