Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Fools!


Hey sorry I forgot to tell you that the library would be closed yesterday because of Easter, so here I am!

I totally forgot that you guys went to Utah! It sounds like it went well, and Calista's engaged that's sweet! I expect a wedding invitation or I'm not coming. Haha. Seriously though.

This week has been pretty sweet! Transfer Meeting was on Wednesday and it was good to see a bunch of people again! The sisters that I was in the MTC went home this transfer! It was crazy to see them leave. Anyways it's been a good week though Elder Weber is the man. He's hilarious! He's from Middleton, Idaho and doesn't know the Jenkins, but I don't really know how long they've actually lived there so maybe that's why? Anyways he's been out for 15 months and just came from the Olds area. His personality is a lot like Geoff's except he has red hair! It's awesome haha. We get along super well. He pronounces it like "Webber."

We've been busy planning this transfer out and it's gonna be another fun one as usual! We're going on exchanges today with Forest Heights it's about to be fun! Cherry Grove just became a District Leader area so now we get to drive the 3.5 hours out there this week I'm pretty psyched! I don't have to drive :)

It's been super warm the past week, like 8 C! I don't know what that is converted. I just heard some guy talking in the library though and he said it's supposed to snow this week. Sweet. On a brighter note, we get to take off our jackets this week, and since it's my last General Conference I don't have to put them on again :) I'm ready for slacks!

General Conference is this week! Man oh man do I love this time of year. I definitely didn't take it for what it was worth back home, but it's seriously solid gold. We're watching it at the Institute building with the other YSA missionaries so that we have a neutral place to invite investigators. So we're hoping Andy and Frane will come.

Speaking of Andy, he's still solid as ever! We met this week and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we talked about the Sacrament, and he said "I never really understood church, I thought it was just for fun. But now I understand that I have to come and show my commitment to Christ each week." Score! He's still on date for the 13th of April, but he needs to come to church so let's hope he does! Keep him in your prayers.

Frane came to the last hour of church because she slept in and missed her bus. But we taught her after church about the last half of the Restoration and she soaked it in! We're planning on teaching her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and inviting her to be baptized!

I think that's really all I had. Hope you guys have a good week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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