Monday, December 12, 2011

......I can't think of anything clever to write in the subject.

Hey Mom and family,
This week was sweet! I'll start from the beginning. Monday was normal, we emailed, shopped, then went to the church to play games and stuff. I bought these chicken breasts, brown rice, and sweet chilli sauce, and I mix it all together and have chicken and rice! So good. Do they have sweet chilli sauce back in the states? Anyways so Tuesday was normal, then Wednesday was Christmas Conference! It was sweet. They gave a training about safe driving in the snow, show examples of what happens when you don't drive safely, and then President got up and gave a training on Teaching by the Spirit. It was super good. Then Sister Campbell shared her favorite Christmas story and showed a video of the Motab singing in a Christmas Devotional it was good. Then some other people got up and spoke on Christmasy stuff, and then we had lunch! They fed us turkey and all that good stuff, and I got to see Elder Atwood! Man I missed him. Plus he's getting trained by Josh Balaeza's brother in law so I got to see him too! He goes home on Thursday though so I told him to tell Josh hello! I have no idea if I spelled his name right by the way. Anyway after lunch they had a talent show hahaha there were some cool things. One guy played the recorder with someone playing the piano haha it was hilarious. Then Santa came and gave everyone gifts from their ward! My package had a lot of random stuff, but most importantly they gave us yo-yo's! Let me tell you, I love that thing! I'm getting good too. It came with a trick book too! The littlest things will entertain you when you don't have anything better to do haha. We also have a putter and a golf ball so I've been practicing for when I get home! So that was Wednesday. Thursday we had dinner at one of the member's houses, and then we were scheduled to go over to another member's place to share a message with them. So after dinner we walked over there, and their whole extended family was there for Christmas Dinner! They forgot to tell us they were having they invited us in! We had so much food that night. Other than that it was a pretty normal week! The weather's been slowly getting colder, but everyone keeps talking about how mild it is so far haha. I want a car! Saturday and Sunday night we went to the Messiah production that the stake puts on every year. It was really good actually I was impressed. It made me miss singing! We went to both because we had investigators at both of them, so I'm pretty sick of it haha. But it was still good the second time. Life's good though! Elder Merrell's convinced he's leaving this transfer so he's been telling everyone that he's leaving haha. I can't wait until he has to eat his words when we don't get a call on Monday after Christmas! He's been here 6 months though and has been a DL the whole time so it's very possible. Dad, tell Jeremy that everyone talks about Grand Prairie haha! Elder Merrell served there before this area actually, and he prays every day that he'll go back! It's the coveted zone :) Okay so for calling on Christmas, we need to iron out the details with the Depeizas this week, so I'll let you know next week. As far as I know it'll be video. We only have one hour of church, but we don't have to call immediately afterwards. What time works best for you guys? I'll work around your guy's schedule since we literally have no plans set in stone yet. I think it would be easier if I just called you yeah? IF need be I'll just call you on the phone beforehand to figure out the username and everything, because I have no idea what it is haha. I honestly have no idea haha....which is probably bad but I'll figure it out this week! Hey mom thanks a lot for ordering the debit card, sending off the package and everything else you do! You're the best. And tell Bryant not to stress, I failed too and look at me now :) I'm practically a professional. Okay that's pretty much all I have this week! I miss you guys, enjoy your week with everyone! Make sure none of the official Christmas traditions are left out! If I come home and we're slacking......
Love you guys!
Elder Read
PS is Oreo still living? And how's the truck doing?

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