Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 6!

It's officially the last week of the transfer! I don't know where the past 6 weeks have gone. It's crazy! Before I forget, they called this morning to let me know the package got here today. They want me to come in personally to open it and look for signs of freezing....? I don't really know what "signs" of freezing looks like, but I guess we'll find out when I go to use it and it doesn't work! Haha it'll probably be fine. So we're going to go into the office with blindfolds (I kid, but they probably won't let us stay very long, missionaries aren't allowed in the office during week 6. Heaven forbid we see who's getting transferred!). So we're going after emails. Thanks for coordinating the package and everything Mom, they called me on Thursday to update me. I'm sure it'll be easier after this time haha. They shouldn't ask for my passport and visa after the first time, so we should be fine. Well this week was pretty crazy! Actually if not for exchanges, it probably would have been pretty boring haha. We went on two exhchanges because Elder Merrell didn't want to do them during week 6 before Christmas. So I got to run Southwood this week! It went well, but we have no one to teach haha, so we tracted, and tracted, and tracted. Tracting is like exercise. It takes a miracle to get out there and start, but once you start, it's so worth it. Every time I tract I always come away feeling good and with some sweet stories. So it was good! We tracted a lot this week but it wasn't too bad. We didn't find anyone either haha, but it's not about the numbers dang it! Other than that nothing too exciting happened. The weather is shocking the Canadians. By this time it's usually -20 C on average, but we haven't gone below -5 all week. It's been sweet! No complaints so far. We might have a positive Christmas! Haha I wish I had some sweet stories to tell you.....but I don't. Hey Skype on Sunday! So we are literally free from 9:30 your time after chruch until about 1pm your time (Elder Merrell's gonna call then) and then at about 2pm your time I'll be free again, so whenever you wanna do it! Send me a quick email before tomorrow afternoon letting me know and we'll schedule it with the Depeiza's. You bet your sweet buns I wanna talk to Geoff and Nicole! So make sure they're there :) That's pretty much all I have. Tell Grandma Read I love her and thanks for the package! I haven't opened it, in case she asks. I love Christmas! It's a whole new experience when you take the secular aspect out of it and focus on what really matters. It's awesome. Well I can't think of anything else....Enjoy your week! Tell Chris and Dad happy early birthday! When I get home dad will almost be 60! :)
Love and miss you guys,
Elder Read

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