Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey fam

Hey Mom!
How are you guys! Man this week flew by, I can't believe it. And now it's week 5 of the transfer! I probably ramble and repeat things so bad in my emails haha so I'll apologize in advance. But it's crazy to me how fast time flies. This week was pretty good I suppose. We stayed inside most of Tuesday and Wednesday because it was below -40 C all day. We went out for a total of about 3 hours each day, but sat for the rest of it. So I learned to play guitar! :) one of the members here lent (lended?) me her guitar until I get transferred! Haha so I grabbed the "Mormon Guitar Songbook" that I found laying in our apartment and started learning chords. I can play a rousing rendition of "In The Leafy Treetops" and a very butchered version of "Do What Is Right". I love it! Haha but I found out the other day we're only allowed to play on Pday's :( so I'll have to play a bunch today! Hey I got your package! I'll send the stuff back to you today. I haven't used the card yet but I'll let you know if it works. Thanks for the Christmas letter! Elder Wood and I laughed for a long time when I read it. Dad you're a pretty funny guy. So Saturday I threw out my back! Haha I feel like I shouldn't be saying that for another 30 years, but I did! It sucked. Remember when I hurt it at Sky High a year ago? Well it basically went into remission since then, and only hurt a little when I would bend a certain way. But we were lifting a stove into this guy's truck and it didn't hurt at first, but as soon as we got it in there and I started to walk away my back exploded with pain! It was crazy. It's pretty much better now but I was walking like a penguin for the rest of the day. It hurts when I wake up but it stretches itself out. It'll probably be find, it gets better every day. I probably made that sound a lot worse than it was though, I'm fine haha. I'll be playing basketball today :) Hey random question: what're the chances of me getting a little "line of authority" card? A lot of missionaries have them and it's sweet! Is that a possibility? That would be awesome. I honestly have no idea what I want for my birthday.....nothing really haha. Just surprise me I guess! Something American though, I miss the good ol' states. Hey speaking of states, how'd the Ducks do in the Rose Bowl? I've had a million people talk about how they went.....but no one told me how they did! Hahaha I love hearing about Oreo. He's a dope! Hey I would love to get Kyle's emails! Bryant got a ticket! Haha nice! I can't believe how much it rains in Oregon compared to everywehere else. I miss the rain to be honest with you. Everything is so green in Oregon. Well other than that I don't really have much more. The weather's warming up again :) it was about -5 C yesterday and I kid you not it felt like 10 at least. We were walking without coats for most of the day. It's so cool how acclimatised (is that even a word?) you get. I love it! I love Canada! I hope everything is going well back home! Keep me updated on life :) Hey and tell Geoff happy early birthday!
Love you guys,
Elder Read
PS I want peanut brittle for my birthday :) I just thought of that and it sounded good.

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