Monday, January 9, 2012

Wash day and other P-day speedbumps

Hey parents!
It's been a crazy Pday so far haha so that's why I'm writing a little later than usual. So our laundry card broke in half a little while ago, but we could still use it. For whatever reason I decided to call in and get a new one last week, and they told me it should be here before today. But it wasn't. They told me not to use my current card anymore, and that I was to send it back to them when the new card arrived. So basically we can't do laundry with our money until next week. So we called the Meadows Ward Elders who live about a mile down the road, and they came and we were just going to do laundry with them at our place and then have personal studies with them too. So to start off we threw all of our laundry into the washers, put in detergent before starting the washers (bad idea) and then inserted the card to start them. But they wouldn't start and kept coming up with "Error 4", which apparently means that the card can't be used in these washers because their card isn't programmed to our address. Awesome! So we had to take the detergent-soaked laundry out and then put it back into our laundry bags, and then go to Meadow's apartment. Haha but they only have 2 washers, and we needed 3. So we had to wait for 2 loads of laundry to be done, and we started extra late because Elder Wood and I had to get ready before we went to Meadow's place. So finally the laundry's done, the card should be here next week, and everything should be good next week! I hope haha that was a headache. But it's all good we had a lot of fun this morning. There's a reason they don't do 4-man apartments haha nothing gets done! Good thing it's Pday! So anyways that was my morning. This week, though, went really well. We still tract a lot because we don't have many solid investigators to teach, but we FINALLY had success this week with a lot of potential investigators we've been trying to see for a month. For whatever reason we found all but one of them home this week and we were able to schedule appointments for this week, so it should be a good one! We definitely needed that this week though, we've been trying super hard to see as many people as we can, and finding no one at home was starting to get old haha. But the Lord won't bless us without trying us first, so we were really grateful for this week. I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but man this weather is crazy! It's not even freezing outside right now. Hey Dad what's La Nina? Everyone here keeps mentioning it and I have no idea what they're talking about haha. But yeah it's incredible! I love it! It can stay this way forever. We'll be halfway through the coldest month of the year at the end of this week, so I've been really lucky. I haven't worn my super thick thermals for a month, just my little thin ones. The only down side to all of this, is that when it gets warm, the snow and ice melt, then it gets cold again, and it makes super slick ice haha. Out of the 6 Elders in our district, 3 of us owe donuts for District Meeting this week haha it's so slippery! It's fun being in a walking area when it's icy and you're actually paying attention, because sliding around is fun, but I let my guard down a lot. Thank goodness I have a backpack on or I'd be in a so much pain haha. But yeah this week was a lot of fun, we saw a lot of good things happen. Hey really quick! Whenever you can, I'm honestly in no rush, but I'd like my slacks I left at home..... I know I know! I should have brought them. But yeah.....I don't really need them until April anyways but if you could send them before conference that would be awesome. Just the black ones that you bought for me mom last year with the blue fabric on the inside, and then the grey ones that I bought. Muchas Gracias! Hey also, I'd like copies of my Encore CD's too if you could send those whenever. You're the best! I'm serious about the guitar thing, I'm gonna learn! One of the members in our ward goes to a lot of pawn shops and she said she'd find me a cheapo guitar to practice on I'm so excited it! Yep Dad nights are pretty slow. We'er in by 9 and plan until 9:30, write in our journals for maybe 10-15 minutes, and then it's up to us. I read the BoM or something a lot of times, but some nights it's so dead. Plus during lunch there's a lot of sitting around and I take a lot of naps, but I wanna start taking less of those, they make me super tired during the day which makes the day less effective. So yeah! A lot of missionaries pick up musical instruments haha it's surprising! Which reminds me Bryant got called as the Priesthood Pianist that's what's up! That calling was the best thing that ever happened to me piano-wise. I learned so many hymns from practicing for it. He'll do great. The Lord qualifies those he calls I promise. Alright we're gonna go shop then go to the church to run around! Thanks for all you guys do I appreciate it more than you know.
Love you guys,
Elder Read

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