Sunday, July 29, 2012


This week was probably the most eventful of my mission thus far! Let's
start with the Sukhus! They are baptized and confirmed members of the
church :) The baptism went really well and there was a huge turnout
from the ward. I can't tell you how much it means not only to the
Sukhus but also to us as missionaries to see the ward support them
like they have. It's so sweet! I attached a picture of Elder Nabrotzky
and I with them at the baptism. On Sunday they got up and bore their
testimonies in Gospel Essentials. It was a cool experience. They're
definitely converted. Your guys' prayers are much appreciated and I'm
sure they helped!

So on Friday leadership calls went out and I got called as District
Leader. Elder Kember's the DL here and he's training which means he
won't get transferred, so I've pretty much known since Friday that I'm
outtie. It was actually pretty nice because I got to start early on
packing and saying goodbyes, so I'm pretty well done :) I can relax!
Yesterday morning President called and told me I'm going to Red Deer!
I had a feeling that would happen haha don't ask me why. So I'll be in
the Red Deer 1st ward with Elder Cone, a guy I came out with. He was
also in my first district in Southwood, so I know him pretty well.
He's a good missionary and works hard so that's good. We'll see how it
goes! I know a lot of the people down there too so it'll be fun! I
didn't really care where I went as long as I was around other
missionaries, because being alone is as fun as it sounds! Haha so
it'll be fun. Red Deer and Grand Prairie are pretty much their own
missions because you don't hear from anything in the city very often
and you only see the people in your zone. I'm actually way excited I
have a sweet district and we meet every week again! Hallelujah. I'll
miss Elder Nabrotzky though, I've become quite attached to him
regardless of our different personalities. It's almost like watching
your son leave for college, not that I know what that feels like haha.
He'll have a good mission though I'm excited for him!

Speaking of, Elder Merrell, my trainer, goes home on Thursday! It'll
be weird not having him around. He'll probably be married in 3 months
to tell you the truth haha. He left me a bunch of stuff, including his
Magic Bullet, which is nice :)

So this week was sooo much service for members whose basements
flooded. We spent hours at various member's houses helping them rip up
carpet and underlay, vacuum up water, de-junk old soaking boxes, and
we even helped one of the members remodel their basement haha. Busy
week! I love service though, it's a good feeling and a nice change
from the ordinary.

Haha yeah Dad I don't know if I'll get my license banned, but I don't
think I will because the cars aren't registered to me. Plus Canada has
no record that I'm driving! Only the church does. Plus since there's
technically two of us in the car and they have no record of who was
driving at the time of the ticket. I've just been shafted every time
because I'm the only one that can drive haha so it's no secret who was
speeding. Which is also why I always pay the whole thing, because I'm
not going to make someone else pay for a ticket they didn't get. Soooo
yeah. We'll see what happens. Hey I'm not exed though, they decided to
continue to let me drive!

Utah sounds like it was a party! Seven Peaks is my favorite place on
this green earth. At least it was when I was 7 hahaha. I'll go back
when I get home and try it out again, see how it compares. I'm glad
you guys enjoyed your stay!

Isaac's leaving! Tell him I love him and that he'll do great. I'll
talk to him when Canada's mailing system delivers mail to Guatemala in
6 months! Hahaha.

Alright well that's all I have for you in this week's edition. We're
going over to the Sukhu's for lunch and so I can get pictures with
them. We're also driving into Edmonton to pick some things up from
various other missionaries. Barrhead is also driving down to get mail
and say goodbye. Busy day! I'll miss Spruce Grove a lot this is such a
sweet area. Hopefully I'll serve around here again!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

PS I have also included a picture of me on my noble steed! And also of
a buffalo we saw on the way to Barrhead the other day. Cool eh?

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