Tuesday, July 3, 2012

O Canada!

Heyy family!

This week flew! It's crazy how the days seem to drag on but the weeks
fly by. We had a pretty normal week for once! It was actually a really
weird feeling haha. We had no meetings, no random reasons to drive to
Edmonton, etc. It was sweet!

Okay before I forget, last night it rained like CRAZY! Like you walk
out for 10 seconds and you're drenched! So of course I changed into
short and a t-shirt and ran around! I loved it :) It was like a little
slice of Oregon :) There were some sweet thunder storms too with a
bunch of lightning. I love crazy weather!

Canada Day was pretty low-key. We went to church, and then came home
and napped until dinner. Since it was Sunday we weren't allowed to do
much. Half of our ward is out of town too so we couldn't find any
place to go before dinner. Oh well. After dinner was fun though we
stopped by some members houses and then watched the fireworks on top
of our car in our parking lot at 11pm. We figured we weren't going to
sleep anyways so we may as well enjoy being awake!

Hahaha Dad I laughed so hard at your stories. See it runs in the
family! I'm not as weird as I seem :) Actually I guess I am, I was
just born into the right family :) For the record, the person next
door is a young guy in his 30's I'd guess. So it really is a miracle
he didn't hear me!

Yeah I heard about Skylar's encounter! What a crazy experience! It
makes me glad I'm in the quiet little family-oriented Spruce Grove :)
Glad to hear he's okay though.

Mom it sounds like your birthday was awesome! I celebrated with Elder
Nabrotzky missionary style. We stayed up until 10:31 and everything!
Hey if you would be so kind as to email me that recipe, I would
greatly appreciate it. I have to make them before Saturday's lesson
haha :)

So we met with the Sukhu family on Saturday and it went perfect! Your
guys' prayers are much appreciated! We taught the Word of Wisdom,
which is probably one of the hardest things for people to keep, and
then we also taught the Law of Chastity. They didn't have any problems
with the Law of Chastity, but when we taught the Word of Wisdom they
were really surprised to hear we didn't drink coffee or tea! Haha but
as we talked about it, Danielle said "You know, we've been blessed too
many times by God not to accept His will. If this is what he wants us
to do, then we'll do it." So they committed to give it up! It was an
awesome experience. The bishop came with us, and he's a convert
himself, so it was good to hear his testimony of how it was hard for
him as well, but that it was worth it. However we also met with them
last night, and our member backed out at the last minute, so we went
in solo. Members help so much in lessons, there's such a difference.
Anyways so we taught tithing, and it went alright. They accepted it,
but they definitely weren't very enthusiastic about it. We're meeting
again on Saturday to finish off the lessons, so hopefully that goes
well too! They're doing awesome though and they're still excited about
the 21st! Hopefully the date sticks, because I could be transferred on
the 25th. Whatever happens happens!

Our car is falling apart haha there always seems to be something wrong
with it! This week it's the front headlight and the brakes. So we're
taking it in once again tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes I wish I was in
a walking area. Haha I'll never be satisfied!

Other than that not much else happened. We tracted a lot this week
which was nice actually. I always hate getting started, but once I'm a
few doors in it's not bad. Elder Nabrotzky LOVES it though haha. The
first thing he asks when we plan every night is "Soooo when should we
tract tomorrow?" Haha he's a good missionary with a lot of faith,
he'll have a lot of success on his mission. Sometimes I feel like I'm
the one being trained :)

Glad to hear you guys had a good week! Keep up the good work my friends!

Elder Steven

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