Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm sooooo hot :)

What up what up!

Let me explain my subject by saying that I am dying. It's been in the
30's ALL WEEK! But it's been dry heat for most of it - not that bad.
But the past couple of days it's been super humid for some reason. So
we're walking sweat towels it's pretty nasty. Yesterday it peaked at
36 degrees (97ish for the Americans in the audience). It was so bad!
But to tell you the truth I still sleep really well every night,
because at the Read household, for those of you who don't know, we
chose not to purchase air-conditioning! So sleeping in the heat is no
problem for me :) I guess what I'm trying to say here is that it's
okay that we never had AC at home..... Haha but Elder Jablonski hates
it. He assures me he's used to the humid heat, but he looks like a
zombie all day because he doesn't sleep much at night and because I
really don't think he handles heat very well haha. But he still has
his normal "Go getter" attitude which is much appreciated.

Hey today I'm wearing the slacks from home! I can actually fit into
them again it's beautiful. They're still a little tight but it's
better than a couple of months ago! :) Elder Nabrotzky and I went to
the church yesterday morning for exercise and played basketball it was
sweet. We'll probably switch between that and running in the mornings.

Yeah I made cinnamon ROLLS! Haha I've had so many people call them
cinnamon buns this week it's driving me crazy. I cringe every time I
hear it. Weekly Planning became a little baking party haha. Nabrotkzy
would read me the different parts from PMG and I baked! They turned
out really well actually. Mom I used the actual cinnamon roll recipe
that you gave me and just halved. I had no idea what "3 packages of
yeast" meant haha so we grabbed 3 big boxes of it......luckily we ran
into a member and I asked her about it. She showed us the small little
"packages" :) We almost had enough to make enough for the year! We
took them to the Sukhu's and some other members in the ward they loved
them. It made me realize how much I enjoy baking. I missed it!

By the way Mom.....I've come to understand the importance of keeping a
clean home on my mission. I hate living in clutter and uncleanliness
haha. We deep cleaned yesterday and it felt SO good! I've had too many
companions that have no idea how to clean and it drives me nuts! So
thank you for making us clean and teaching us the value of it. It's a
value I never thought I'd enjoy :)

We took our car in last week and it was worse than I thought haha. The
two back tires were almost completely bald, I don't know why I never
noticed it. The front rim was bent, and the tire had a bulge in it.
Plus the alignment was all messed up, so we left it there overnight
and walked! She's fixed now though and it's like driving a new car
haha it feels so different I love it.

The Sukhu's are doing awesome. We met with them on Saturday and Sunday
and we brought members to both lessons. Saturday we finished the
lessons with the 10 commandments, and they accepted them no problem.
They didn't really have any issues with any of them to begin with.
Sunday was a review day where we went over all the lessons we had
taught, and made sure they understood it all. We also went over the
baptismal interview questions, and they had no problems! The actual
interview is on Friday. They spent last week weaning themselves off of
tea and coffee and they're good to go! They were done by Friday, which
is good because Saturday is when they had to start in order to be
baptized on the 21st. Dad we set it so far away because we can usually
only meet once a week with them and we had to teach them all of the
lessons. Plus we weren't sure what things they'd have to give up. So
yeah they're solid! They're way excited to be baptized, and they love
the church. They have a lot of friends there and they feel super
welcome there. They met with Brother Wright, our WML, and went over
the program for the baptism. They asked me to baptize the three of
them which is pretty humbling. They're gonna be great members of the
church, I'll miss them a lot once I leave.

Haha so Nabrotzky's fender bender a few weeks ago? He found out
yesterday he's most likely done driving on his mission. He was
actually pretty down about it because he only drove by himself for a
month before the mission (hence the accident haha) and he wanted more
experience before he went back home. The church is pretty strict when
it comes to driving. If you get into a preventable accident you're
pretty much automatically done. So that means I'm still
driving....I've been driving forever I forgot what it feels like to be
sitting in the passenger seat haha. I went from no driving to always
driving! Where's the happy medium?

Other than that there isn't much to report. We have a busy day today.
We're exchanging with the Zone Leaders and I'm going into the city. I
haven't stayed in my area for who knows how long! They want to see how
Nabrotzky does when he's in charge. I think he'll do fine though he's
got it down. Leaving the area is like a mini vacation though so no big

You guys are the best! Thanks for all you do and have yourselves a good week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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