Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

What up family!

This week has been pretty fun! Thanksgiving was yesterday, but it didn't feel like Thanksgiving haha. Holidays on the mission are bogus! I can't wait until I can feel the holidays coming again. But anyways, so yesterday was also Pday, so we did our usual thing, minus emailing. Libraries were closed yesterday. We went to the church, played sports for awhile, then we went out to dinner with 3rd ward and the 4 branch sister missionaries. It was pretty fun but I wish we would've had a dinner, ours cancelled. It's all good though! We were told that we couldn't do any proselyting after 6pm, and that if we didn't have anything to do, we could have a quiet evening in our apartment with other missionaries. So we got together with the 3rd ward elders after dinner and just hung around until 9. It wasn't exactly exciting haha I would've rather been out doing something.

So last night as we were about to hit the lights for the night, the Assistants called us and told us that Elder Paulson, one of our zone leaders, is the new assistant, and so they have them go into the office a week early to learn the ropes, which meant that his companion, Elder Kember, would be in a trio with us! So this morning we went and picked him up it's been way fun. Elder Kember was in Barrhead when I was in Spruce Grove and so we know each other really well. I'm excited to for this week! We're splitting time between the two areas and so we have to cancel a lot of appointments and such but no big deal!

General Conference was LEGIT! There were so many good talks. I especially liked Uchtdorf's first talk on Saturday morning about taking advantage of the time we've got. It was much needed. Can you guys believe that announcement about the missionary age!? We're way excited missionary work is gonna take off! We were sitting in a group of missionaries and the spirit was way strong when he announced it. So psyched!

The work is still slow, but we're still working hard. Haha remember that Church HQ referral from last week? It's a funny story. We went to contact him, and when we knocked on the door this old Spanish lady answered and told us Stephen didn't live we left confused. We got in the car and called him, and he told us he was home, and that he was in the basement suite. So we walked around the back and knocked on the basement suite, and the old lady answered again hahahaha she probably thought we were messing around with her. So we explained the situation to her and she told us that nobody by that name lived there, and shut the door haha. So we left pretty confused again, and called Stephen. He then told us he lived at a different address, and so we wen to THAT one haha. We knocked his door, he let us in, and we all sat down at started talking a little bit about the weather (it was cold out). Finally we started talking about how he referred himself on Haha and he said "I'm actually a member, I just wanted a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon." Hahahaha. We were pretty disappointed actually but we got a good little member lesson out of it! So that was our valuable referral. The Lord has a sense of humor :)

Hey Mom i went to the doctor this week and got the insulin, and yeah sorry about the whole confusion with Sister Campbell. I think we've figured it out though. Thanks for all you do trying to figure it all out, I appreciate it a lot :) Hopefully the package comes soon though, I used my last cartridge last night haha. I have faith!

We're back in suits......this sucks hahah I hate suits! But thankfully this is the last time I'll put them on! It's weird to think that next October Conference, I'll be watching it from home! Especially since I feel like I was just in the MTC watching it. Missions go way too quick.

So we're pretty sure Elder Cone will get transferred next week. He's been here for 6 months now and we've been together for 3. He called a bunch of members trying to see them one last time, and he told all of them he's leaving for sure haha. I told him I'd laugh if he stays.

Alright that's all I've got this week. I miss you all!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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