Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!


What a week! Despite the fact that is was super busy, I feel like it went suuppperr slow. We had Interviews with President on Tuesday and those went really well! It was good to talk to him about our area and what's going on down here. After interviews we had dinner at the stake center, provided by the stake, then we had a stake meeting with all of the bishops, ward mission leaders, ward missionaries, full time missionaries, President Campbell, and the stake presidency. It was way good! They talked about ward mission plans, working with full time missionaries, etc. Elder Cone and I were supposed to give a presentaion but they ran out of time. Darn.. :) The missionaries from Rocky Mountain House stayed with us and we partied all night! The next day we had Zone Conference it was way sweet! We just had it here in Red Deer at the Stake Center since it was only our zone. The assistants drove down as well, so we had some good trainings, and it was good to see all the missionaries in the boonies. We got out at about 4:30 it was long!

The work is still dead haha. But we're confident we'll see improvement! We had a ward fast yesterday it was awesome. Also, last night we had a fireside with Richard and Linda Eyre. Have you guys heard of them? Apparently they're these best-selling LDS authors and they write books on parenting and interesting stuff like that! So they flew in and did a fireside at the local Sheraton Hotel here and they invited all of Red Deer. There was actually a really good turn out, and they did it on their book "The Entitlement Trap." So hopefully people brought their friends and we'll see success from that!

We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Friday it was sweet! Elder Paulson and I were in their area, and we went and contacted this referral in the BUSH. They were these old people on a farm and they have a house in the middle of nowhere, built of complete wood, and it's lit inside by a single lightbulb. It reminded me of the Jenkin's house haha except this house was MESSY. Anyways so they weren't interested but we talked for awhile then left. The next morning while we were studying, the guy (Norm) called and asked us to come help gather bales of hay! So we went and rode in the back of his truck and stacked square bales all morning it was exhausting but pretty fun actually. We stacked it like 4 high and then rode on top the whole way back to the house where we stacked them. Then they fed us lunch it was sweet!

We had Brother Lahoda, a less active we've been working with, come to church again yesterday and he got up and bore his testimony in Sacrament! It was sweet. He's come a long way since we first met him.

Hey super random but as I'm writing this, we just got a text from Church Headquarters about a referral from haha so we're gonna go contact that after this. We'll let ya know how that goes :)

It's supposed to snow this week. Dang it. We get up in the morning to go play ball at the church, and it's 10 degrees outside and I freeze! I'm gonna die when it goes sub-zero.

Anyways, that's all I've got for you this week. Glad to hear you're all doing well! Tell Craig I love and miss him :)

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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