Monday, September 24, 2012

Pink Eye!

Hello everyone!

This week was pretty sweet! We still haven't found any investigators, but that's old news! We did a ton of finding, and most of it was street contacting downtown. I've realized that tracting is good and fun, but people are much more talkative downtown, and there's way more of them too, so it's a win win situation! We found 3 referrals for other areas haha but nothing for us. We're determined to find someone this week though! Our Bishop asked us to get up yesterday in Sacrament Meeting and ask the ward to fast for missionary work. So we both went up and bore our testimonies and thanked them for all they do for us, etc. Fasting worked when we had the mission fast a few months back, so this will work too I'm sure.

Man Craig comes home this week hey? That's so crazy! I feel like he just left. It seems like only yesterday he came over to the house to say goodbye! From the sound of his emails he's changed a ton! I miss that guy a lot. I miss all of my friends! Some day we'll all have a glorious reunion.

So Elder Cone woke up yesterday and his eye was SUPER red haha. We figured it must be pink eye (for the record, no I did not fart on his pillow. Everyone keeps asking me if I did haha). So we went to church, not knowing how contagious it is. I don't think I've ever had it. During church I texted the Zone Leaders and asked them about it, and they told us to call Sister Campbell. So after Sacrament Meeting Elder Cone called and she told him not to go to church or touch anyone.....haha. He told her that he had just sat through Sacrament and probably touched everyone in the room hahahahaha. So she told us to leave and go buy eyedrops. So we did, then sat was BRUTAL! By the time dinner came around we just said to heck with it and started proselyting again haha. I hate sitting around! We just don't let him touch anything, and we keep wipes in our backpacks, just in case haha.

This week we went and helped a member family in our ward move their relatives. They called last Monday and told us that the move was just outside Red Deer, or so we though haha. We got permission to go since it was out of our area, and so on Saturday we showed up in the morning to go. We started driving, and driving, and driving, and finally 45 minutes later ended up in Didsbury! A town about 15 minutes from the mission border hahaha. When Canadians say "just outside of town", apparently that means 45 minutes in either direction. So I got to add a sweet line to my line map and we repented when we got home haha. It was fun though.

Tomorrow we have interviews with El Presidente himself and then Zone Conference on Wednesday. It should be fun. I've never been to a Zone Conference with just one zone though, they usually combine them. But since we're one of the two zones in the middle of nowhere (the other being Grande Prairie), we get to meet as just one zone. It'll be cool!

No way Grandma and Grandpa are going to the Calgary Temple Tour?? That's literally like an hour south of me haha. Most of the members here are already booking appointments to go see it too. It's a way sweet looking temple, they're gonna let us see the dedication too! I guess President Monson is coming up to do it himself. Should be cool!

Hahaha Phil Darrah is the Primary Chorister? That's sweet. I wish he had done that when I was in Primary! He probably does super well with those kids haha I hope he's still there next year!

Hey Mom they're gonna bring the package down on Wednesday for Zone Conference. They called me a week ago to ask if there was insulin inside. Send that insulin asap! Haha I'll be good for another 3 weeks or so. Thanks Momma!

Anyways that's all I got for you this week. Enjoy your week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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