Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Friday is my mission birthday! It's sad to think you only get two and then die, but that's life I suppose. I can't believe how fast it goes! I still feel like I was in Southwood last month! Time flies.

Right now there's a HUGE thunderstorm outside and it's lightninging (I made that word up) like crazy! I'm glad I'm indoors. The weather has slowly been getting colder. It's starting to freeze overnight, and it'll only get worse! Haha it's still in the 20's during the day though so no jackets yet. We have to put suits on in a month though, how lame is that?

So to start off, this week we had a little bit of success. We got a referral from the 2nd ward elders, and they had contacted a former investigator that said he'd be willing to meet, but he had moved to our area. So we went over on Saturday and talked with him it was pretty cool. To be honest I don't think he's "seeking" by any means. He spent most of the meeting teaching us about 7th Day Adventists haha, and he won't commit to read the Book of Mormon, but he agreed to have us back next week, so we'll go over and see if anything's changed, otherwise we'll probably drop him. It was still nice to teach an investigator lessons again. Honestly I feel like the Lord is giving us small tender mercies every so often to keep us going, it's really cool. We'll find someone soon! :)

So this week we actually did really well. Our numbers were super good and we taught a BUNCH of lessons it was sweet. We've kind of figured that since the investigator lessons are a little scarce, we may as well try and focus on less actives. So we've been working with quite a few people, and we had Brother Lahoda come to church again yesterday. He's the one that hasn't been in a long long time so it was cool to have him there again. We meet a couple times a week at the church. It was actually kind of cool we just showed up at his house one night before we went in, and his roommates told us to go away in a very vulgar manner haha. So we turned around and left with no intention of coming back. Then the next week he called us and told us ever since we came he's been wanting to call us back, so he did! Now he's back at church :) pretty cool.

Hey so I set a goal of being in the 140's again for my year mark and you better believe I nailed that sucker! :) I'm quite proud of myself actually. We celebrated by going to Five Guys today.

Dude so I woke up on Thursday I think it was? Maybe Saturday I can't remember. And I checked my blood sugar, and then put my meter down. When I went to check my blood sugar again before lunch, the screen was cracked! I can't see anything on it anymore which is kind of bad. Luckily I have a back-up meter that I brought out with me. Anyways so I kind of need that meter because it's also the meter remote for my pump haha. So I called President and he gave me permission to call Animas, and they told me it's covered by warranty, so they'll ship a new one to the house. Could you send me that asap? :) It would be much appreciated.

Hahaha Dad you bought a scooter?? That's awesome please send me a picture :) You are so cool! You should grow a sweet handlebar mustache like the American Chopper guy. At least think about it.

Mom I'm way jealous to hear you get to go back East! I really want to go to all of the church history stuff out there when I get home. Road trip!

Anyways, it's time to go get our inner pday baller on. You all have a great week and I'll talk to you next week! :)

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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