Monday, October 15, 2012

Transferred Again!

Hey there!

Dang I didn't even realize my letter didn't send! I wrote one out, then put it in the drafts like I usually do. I send it at the end just in case I remember something, but I forgot last week. My bad! So I'll send both :)

So transfer calls were today, and I was fully expecting to hear that Elder Cone would be leaving. He's been here for 6 months and that's pretty good for areas around here. But with all the new missionaries coming out (60 from September until Christmas), President had to make a lot of unexpected changes. There are so many crazy things happening and tons of new areas opening. He called me as Zone Leader in the Edmonton North District, which is where Spruce Grove is. Which means I get to go back to Spruce Grove on exchanges. YA DIGG! I'm so excited haha. My new companion is Elder Penrod, who is also a guy I was in the MTC with. I'm wayy psyched because he's probably my best friend out here on the mission! This about to be a sweet transfer. Elder Cone is staying here and they're combining our area with 3rd ward, so they'll be in a trio. I'm pretty jealous! He's also the new DL out here and he's pretty nervous haha he's been asking questions and stuff all morning!

Speaking of trios, we've had Elder Kember with us since Tuesday (see last weeks letter). It's been way fun because he's also one of my best friends out here. It's been a sweet week! We've just had a ton of fun and we've worked pretty hard. Trios are of the devil though haha it's so distracting. We've just laughed for a week it's been so fun. They've been trying to keep the fact that Elder Paulson is the new AP a secret, because missionaries spend too much time speculating haha President's sick of it. Once week 6 rolls around everyone's texting everyone to see who went up. Anyways so we had a Zone Training Meeting on Thursday and the ZL's give the training. Butttt Elder Paulson was already gone by then. So in order to cut down on the spec (speculating), the AP's drove down to Red Deer, dropped him off for the morning, then drove back down to pick him up again haha so nobody knew about it but us :) We had to keep it on the down low the whole week it was hard.

We had a bunch of referrals this week it was sweet. We're hoping this week to have like 3 new investigators. I'm glad Elder Cone has something to work with now! We got another Church Headquarters referral on Thursday and she wanted to come to church and take the lessons, we were super excited! But then we called on Saturday and told her we had a ride for her, and she told us that she couldn't come because she couldn't leave her client (she's a caregiver) for 3 hours. But we set up a lesson for Thursday, so they're going to ask her if she can just come to Sacrament at least. Things are starting to pick up! Woo!

The Calgary Temple Dedication is on October 28th we're way psyched! They're planning on broadcasting it to all of the Stake Centers in Alberta so we're so excited! President Monson's coming up to dedicate it, and we're hoping he'll visit our mission :) :) :) probably not, but a guy can hope right?

Hey momma I got the package on Saturday we're good! Thanks for sending it up so quick, I really appreciate it. That's a TON of insulin haha I'll be good for a few months easy. You're awesome :)

Hey by the way thanks for the yellow tie in that last package! It's sooo sweet I'm wearing it right now :)

Man it sounds like you guys are having a party in Utah and New York! That race sounded sweet haha. Anyways, have yourselves a great week and I'll talk to ya'll later!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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