Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Cold Week Down!

Family and friends of me,

Your letters this week were pretty funny, I laughed out loud on a couple of occasions. Mom that's hilarious that you forgot your talk! Speaking on goals too that's not very easy. Haha I especially liked when you said, "Joan reminded me that I had made a few goals to clean off my sewing table and clean off my dresser and go to the temple." I laughed pretty hard. love Sister Little she's the funniest lady I know :) You've officially done what I haven't! I've thankfully never had to speak at the last minute on my mission, which is fine by me! But as far as teaching Gospel Principles last minute, I'm a pro!

This week was pretty solid, I enjoyed it! We spent some time on Tuesday planning out the transfer and things like exchanges, and we have another busy transfer! I'm excited though.

Thursday was our monthly Institute Coordination Meeting, where we meet with the Institute Director, President and Sister Campbell, and then all of the YSA missionaries in Edmonton. There's 6 YSA wards so 12 missionaries total. It was a good meeting they mostly talk about the upcoming events, and getting investigators to Institute. It was pretty sweet.

Saturday was ZLC and that was pretty sweet. We talked about the new year, set a baptismal goal for the year, etc. President and the Assistants gave some good trainings, and Sister Campbell made a BOMB lunch as usual :)

After ZLC Elder Coe and I drove home and almost immediately we had a lesson with Cal, the guy we met street contacting a few weeks ago. He's moved out of our area but we wanted to see where he was at. President Campbell came too! I'm always super nervous going into lessons with him but he's a super good teacher and helps a lot, so it was good. Cal is solid, it's too bad we'll have to pass him to the other missionaries but that's life!

Last night we got to go to the CES broadcast by President Uchtdorf :) One of the many advantages to being YSA missionaries! We could only go if we brought an investigator, so Sam, a guy in our ward who isn't a member yet but lives the member life, came with us! It was sweet President Uchtdorf talked about truth and what it really is. Go read it!

Other than that not too much to report on. This week we have Zone Training Meeting since ZLC was last week, so we'll spend a lot of Tuesday planning that training, and then Wednesday we'll drive out to St. Paul and do the meeting for the outlying areas, and then Thursday we'll do the city meeting. We also have exchanges with the assistants this week so that'll be fun! I'm going with Elder Paulson who was my zone leader in Red Deer.

Mom I just bought shoes, no boots. I'm determined to go through my mission without boots. Ya know, just to say that I did. Honestly we don't do a lot of trudging through wide open prairies so the snow isn't deep where I actually walk in it haha :)

Alright we're headed out, enjoy your lives for the next week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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