Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm always cold!

Hey O!

It's cold outside. Right now it's like -15 C and yesterday it got down to -25 C. Plus I'm not even wearing thermals! I'll never learn. I just keep telling myself I'll never have to deal with this again in 3 months!

Hey I got mail! :) Man alive was I excited. I never get mail anymore! Just kidding I occasionally do and I'm definitely not ungrateful (that was a double negative) but I got a whole 3 letters! I was ridin' Cloud Nine! I got a letter from Geoff, Gramma Read and the Sukhus! They were sweet. I love mail. Speaking of the Sukhus, their 9-year-old daughter, Sierra, is on date to be baptized on March 2nd! If you think back with me to Spruce Grove, Tony, Danielle, and Shelby were all baptized, and Brooke was too young, but they wanted to wait with Sierra because she didn't see the importance of it. But wait no longer! I was so excited when I saw it on the reports the other day. I'm trying to get permission to go. That would be sick! PLUS they all got their Patriarchal Blessings! Man oh man missionary work is sweet. Like I said, Cloud Nine.

So this week was pretty exciting! We had Zone Training Meeting in St. Paul on Wednesday. So we drove out there in the morning, had the meeting at 1pm, and then drove home just in time for dinner at 6pm! Except we were super late so more like 6:30. Anywho, that was fun I got some good letters written!

Thursday was ZTM for the city areas. That went pretty well too! Most of the time they'll just start talking and we just have to lead a discussion it's pretty sweet. We have a talkative zone!

Friday we had exchanges with the Assistantes it went well! We went to Red Robin for dinner and I felt like Nicole should have been there! Seriously every time I go there I just think of Nicole. I love that place though. Remember the week before I got diagnosed with the Betes I drank like 10 Freckled Lemonades!? Crazy! I had a water on exchanges.

Tomorrow is interviews with President Campbell. Which means our day is essentially gone-zo! We go there at like 8:30am and don't leave until 4pm! We sit there while everyone gets interviewed and check their planners, area books, take their pictures, etc etc.... It'll be fun though to see everyone! We then go straight to exchanges with Tofield, and then Friday we have exchanges with Strathcona, another city area. So two exchanges and interviews! Life is busy.

Hey we found a new investigator this week! We've been praying a lot for people to teach and WABOOM! The Lord provides. Brian is dating a member in our ward, and he lives with another member. So we went over for dinner and talked with him and he's sweet I like him a lot. He agreed to take the discussions and so we're going to meet on Wednesday. We're pretty stoked.

We officially passed Cal over to the missionaries on the west end. It was sad to hand him over because he was sweet! But it'll be better for him so he doesn't have to pioneer-trek it across Edmonton every time.

Guess what I learned how to juggle! Our Bishop gave us some Canadian juggling balls for Christmas, and I finally pulled them out during Weekly Planning, because Weekly Planning is English for "do random stuff time." Haha just kidding....but seriously I learned how! I just picked them up and started practicing and an hour later I could do it! I now juggle after nightly planning, lunch, and any other time we aren't doing anything! I'm so excited, let me tell you. I've decided your mission is the perfect time to pick up random talents like ukulele because you have all the time in the world! So if you're wondering if you should serve, I hope this paragraph turns the tables....the right way haha.

For my birthday.....I don't know haha I don't need anything! But since you're persistent I liked that Sudoku book :)

Hey tell Geoff Happy Early Birthday for me! :) He even sent me a letter for his birthday I'm touched :)

Okay that's all for today. One of the companionships suggested we play Minute to Win It for we'll see how that goes! You're all the best and I appreciate your letters....whoever you are!

Love you guys!

Elder Read

PS I attached random pictures from our dinner appointment the other day. Enjoy!


  1. Well Ethan just got a big laugh out of that picture!

  2. Looks like some caterpillars got stuck under their noses!