Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Australia Day!

Hey Homies,

I bought a bonzai tree! It was only $15! Haha I was at the assistant's apartment the other day and they had some crazy plant where you can braid it and I got jealous. So I went out today and bought my own plant. I'm pretty stoked :)

This week was good! On Tuesday we had interviews with President and they went really well. It's nice to be able to talk with him in person. Like I said last week, we had to be there for the whole thing, and we just checked planners and area books and wrote little notes in them. Pretty easy, and it was good to see everyone I actually enjoyed it! Sister Campbell always brings a bunch of snacks for everyone to we partook! It was good.

After interviews, Tofield, was the last one, and right after we went on exchanges. I brought Elder Williams to Millcreek and it went really well! Then on Friday we exchanged with Strathcona and I went to their area with Elder Mann. I always learn a ton from exchanges it's super good for me. You'll never guess who we ate dinner with though! It was the Williams family and Bro. Williams trained Michael Boswell in Riverside! Haha small world. He had a lot of good things to say about Michael which didn't surprise me! So that was pretty nifty.

We met with Bryan again this week and officially started the lessons it was awesome. He's really engaged during lessons and he comprehends it like nobody's business! He asks a lot of questions it's great. We're going back over on Wednesday to finish the other half of Lessons 1 aka Joseph Smith. Which will be really good for him because that's where a lot of his questions and concerns stem from.

On Saturday we had a missionary fireside at the institute building called "A Night with Christ." One of the other YSA wards organized it, but each ward had a room to run. Basically it was a walk-through type activity, where each room has a different aspect of Christ or his life. It was really good! We ran the first room which had a couple of musical numbers and the "For God so Loved the World" Bible Video. We even got a referral from it for one of the areas in our zone so it was worth it! :)

Tonight we're going to Vermillion again to blitz! So after FHE we'll drive up and hopefully get there before 11pm this time :) We'll spend all day Tuesday there and then drive home Wednesday morning. Party!

Our area's doing super well. Just in the past week we've had a ton of people talk to us about people they're working with. So now we just have to get people to identify and take the next step! We've got a lot of potential I'm excited to see what happens.

I think that's all the exciting stuff I have to talk about. Besides that I got Gramma Read's letter so tell her thanks! :) I love hearing from her. We're going 5-pin bowling again today with some of the other missionaries so we gotta go home and clean. Have a good week!

Love you guys!

Elder Read

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