Monday, March 4, 2013

I love China!

Hey friends!

This week I learned how to Index! They announced last Sunday that that's what the Family Home Evening activity would be, and to be honest I wasn't looking forward to it. To be even more honest it wasn't even that exciting! But now I know how to do it so there you go :)

Hey remember how I talked about Target coming to Canada? And how they've started hiring? They've actually started remodeling all of the Zellers (the company they bought out) stores now!
It's so exciting I can't wait to go in there! It'll be like going home....kinda.

Sierra Sukhu was baptized on Saturday which is dope! I couldn't go because of ZLC which was lame but at least she's baptized :) Elder Nabrotzky went and told me it went really well.

Soooo this week the Forest Heights elders got infested with bed bugs! Honestly I didn't even know what those things were until my mission, but they've been popping up everywhere over the past few months. So they've been cleaning, I kid you not, all week. They've had to steam EVERYTHING in their apartment that's made of cloth, and they've had to wipe down every page of every book in their apartment. I don't envy them. They've also had to wash all of their clothes, including dry-cleaning their suits, and then stick them in vacuum-sealed bags. AAAND since they're walking, we got to drive them around to do all of their errands this week :) On top of all of this, I slept in the bed that they found the bed bugs in not once.....but twice! So after finding out Elder Coe promptly came home and ripped our mattresses apart looking for them (figuratively, we didn't actually rip them up) but thankfully we're clean. Pretty crazy! Bed bugs are like cockroaches apparently and they'll sneak off anywhere. They're having the exterminator come in this week to poison the place so we should be good next week.

We also went on exchanges this week with the Clarkdale elders! They're in Sherwood Park which is 15 minutes East of Edmonton. I went to their area with Elder Groskreutz from......I-don't-remember-where, Utah! They were walking that week so we trekked it in the cold. It was good exercise though :)

Zone Leader Council was this week and it was weird not having Elder Penrod around since he got transferred. But it was fun, Sister Campbell made a St. Patrick's Day themed lunch with meatloaf! I never really like meatloaf back home, but it was delicious! Honestly I don't know where the picky-eater Steven went, but sometimes I wish he was back haha. Just kidding.

So last week I talked about one of the members in our ward that had a friend that wanted to be taught, and we met with him yesterday after church! He's not really sure he believes in God yet, but he seems open to it. We taught him lesson 1, but then found out he lives on the south end so he's in a different YSA we'll probably have to pass him over but that's alright!

Echo, the chinese girl that's been coming to our english class, came to the CES Broadcast last night with Elder Bednar! She didn't understand much of it haha but she enjoyed the parts that she did! She told us that her friend, Frane, who also comes to english class, wants to become a member of the church haha! So we're going to talk to her this week and try to set something up! Things are picking up fast it's been sweet. I swear all of our work is Chinese people. Did I already tell you that we're getting Mandarin-Speaking missionaries some time this year? We don't know when, but with all of the new missionaries coming out we're slotted to get 4 of them! Hopefully I'll be transferred by then haha they'll steal all of our work! :)

Bryan's doing really well too. He told us this week that he's "more open to God" than he was which is fine by me! He'll probably come slowly but he's working like a champ to know if God exists.

Hey tell Gramma Read that I've gotten her letters! Thanks :)

I think that's it.....we're going to go clean our humble abode. Have a good week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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