Sunday, July 14, 2013

I love the sun!

Hey there family of mine!

It's good to hear you guys had a good July 4th! They don't celebrate that out here, since it's only 3 days after Canada Day. On Monday we just sat like vegetables allll day! We worked on a puzzle most of the time haha we're party animals!

The weather has been great! Aside from one day this week it's been super sunny. I love not being a missionary in the rain :)

We taught Naomi again this week and she's doing well. She's still warming up to the Book of Mormon but we read with her every time so I think it's helping. She's got a lot going on in her life right now and I don't think she sees the connection between what we're teaching her and how it can help her deal with the stress she's going through.

So President Manion is out and about everywhere except Grand Prairie haha we're his last stop to tour the mission. SO tomorrow we'll drive in and have interviews. I've heard only good things about him though I'm stoked!

Thursday we have Zone Training Meeting in Grand Prairie too so we'll drive in again! We're going to burn through klicks this month.

We're also exchanging with the Zone Leaders on Friday and I'll be with Elder Stevens who I went on exchanges with multiple times in my last area so that'll be fun.

To be honest there isn't too much more going on right now....Have yourselves a good week!

Love Elder Steven!

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