Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 6 Round #16

Hey all!

This week was alright! It rained a lot. All of the farmers (aka 90% of the population around here) are complaining pretty good about it too. We are too to be honest haha working in the rain is lame.

We went on exchanges with Valleyview on Wednesday, and I went with Elder Searle haha he's a funny guy. We both can't drive, so we stayed in High Prairie and walked the town for 24 hours! It wasn't bad since Elder Thompson and I spend most of our time walking, but man am I ready to drive again! This has been the longest timeout I've ever been put in haha lesson learned!

Soo bad news first I guess, Naomi called us on Friday and dropped was lame. She said it was because she needed to take time to look for a job and she's thinking that if she does get one it won't be in High Prairie so she's planning ahead I guess. So that wasn't good news but life goes on!

Haha mom and dad your emails made me laugh. I'm not trunky dang it! Haha I do think about home more frequently, I won't even try to lie to you, but it's nice being in High Prairie and training, I have more motivation to work. I don't wanna leave this place dead. I'm hoping I don't get transferred next week, I don't think I'd have much motivation to learn an area for 6 weeks haha. But don't you worry we're working hard! To answer your question though, Elder Thompson is done with training at the end of this week, so if we stay another together then we'll only have to do 1 hour of comp study again!

That's sweet that you guys are getting out and teaching New-Member Lessons! I actually haven't done that my whole mission, they push pretty hard for the members to do it. Do you teach them out of Preach My Gospel?

I don't have much more than that! Keep us in your prayers we're looking for a family to teach! We'll teach anyone, but a family would be sweet :) Have a good week!

Love Elder Read

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