Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Kyle! And Happy Labo(u)r Day! And Happy Week 6!

Hey guys!

Sorry I'm a day late with the birthday wishes. But just know that I
celebrated yesterday by going to church.

Alright just to raise a voice of warning to those who may be
interested, you CAN get white hair before you turn 60! So there I was
the other night, cutting my hair, and afterwards I went to evaluate
the job that I'd done and BOOM! I found five hairs! Five! I stopped
looking after about 20 minutes, but I bet there are plenty more where
I can't see! Good grief I'm barely 21.

Man oh man week 6 is here already I can't even fathom it. Fastest two
years of my life.

So last week I mentioned that we had met with the local baptist
minister. Well if you thought we were done having coordination
meetings with the local celebrities then guess again! We found
ourselves in the office of the town manager this week! We'd actually
met with him during our first couple of weeks in the area, but we
stopped in again and had a good discussion with him it was cool. We
just talked about how we were liking High Prairie, things we were
doing in the community, etc. We then talked about Mormon doctrine it
was sweet! I love being in a small town where we can do things like

On Friday we went on exchanges with Valleyview again, and I brought
Elder Searle to High Prairie again, and yet again we walked the entire
exchange because we're both exed haha. So yet again let me tell you
how excited I am to drive a car next week!

We ate dinner twice this week with members that are camping out at
Winagami Lake, about 30 minutes outside of town. It was so nice to sit
around a campfire again.

We still haven't met with Braden since he got the new job at the
lumber mill. So once again we're going to try for this week! There
isn't a lot happening these days, and it's been a test of our
patience, but we're still working hard! You learn so much more when
things aren't easy, so I'm grateful for that.

This week the local power company has been replacing telephone poles
all over town, and so the consequently the power has been in and out
all week. It's driving me crazy. Today, to my delight, I cleaned the
bathrooms by flashlight! Haha it reminded me of when I mowed the lawn
with a headlamp at 10pm one night to earn money. Light is no issue.

Yeah mom we get fed pretty well lately. This week we have every day
filled except for Saturday and Sunday! So we'll probably cook the
roast on Sunday :)

Alright that's all I've got for you. Have yourselves a good week!

Love Elder Read

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