Monday, August 26, 2013

Holidays in Edmonton

Heyyy my dear friends!

This week was like a vacation haha it was pretty fun. Elder Zwick is the man!

But we'll start from the beginning. So we've been meeting with the
local Baptist minister here in town every month or so haha it's sweet!
He knows a lot of the service opportunities in town so he's been
giving us ideas. So we go in and talk and usually get going on gospel
conversations. It's legit, how many missionaries can honestly say that
they have coordination meetings with the Baptists? He's a super cool
guy though.

So on Wednesday morning we left early and drove to Spruce Grove. I
visited some people there which was sooo sweet! We then cruised
Edmonton for awhile so Elder Thompson could do some shopping. I had my
temple recommend interview with President Manion and I'm worthy again,
don't you worry! We then went to the temple which was sooooo good! I'm
stoked to go again in 2 weeks (not trunky). After the temple we drove
back to Spruce Grove and visited the Sukhus! Man oh man do I love
them. They're just starting temple prep classes and all have callings.
They're hoping to go through the temple in late September, early
October. So cool! That's what makes this worth it.

Wednesday night we stayed with the Assistants which means I got to
sleep next to Elder Coe again! Boy oh boy do I love that guy. It was
so good to catch up with him. Thursday we had Mission Conference with
Elder Zwick and it was sweet! He talked a lot about post-mission life
and how our lives, spiritually and temporally, start on our missions.
Super good. He was supposed to end by 4pm so that the Red Deer
missionaries could go to the 4:30 session at the temple, but at about
4:15 he leaned over to Elder Coe and said "Call the temple and tell
them to switch the session to 5pm. Hahaha only a General Authority
could do that! President Manion didn't want to do that to the temple
though, so he just had them go to the 7pm session. The conference
ended at about 5:15pm haha so we all got to stay an extra night in
Edmonton! It was suh-weet! Elder Penrod had to get his recommend
renewed too, but President forgot his book, so E. Penrod couldn't go
to the temple. So we inherited him for the night while his companion
went :) We basically just went around shopping and visiting people
until the end of the day. Then that night we stayed with the
Assistants again :) so sweet!

So Friday morning we drove home and got right to work. They're having
a Breast Cancer Awareness contest amongst all of the small towns
around here. Basically the pinkest town wins, so businesses have been
painting walls pink, pink ribbons are EVERYWHERE, there are bras
strung across streets, etc. It's a little scandalous! Haha anyways we
volunteered to help set up for it, so we took about 100 pink paper
ribbons and stapled them on every power pole for about a 5 mile
stretch. It took forever and this was on a range road in the boonies,
so I had to maneuver around some pretty sketchy bushes.

So Braden is doing good....we think. He couldn't meet or come to
church on Sunday because he just got a job at the local lumber mill,
so we're hoping to meet this week!

Hey so crazy story. As I'm sure you're aware, you've been putting this
on a blog for the past two years. Anyways, this guy named Elder
Jennings walks up to me at Mission Conference and says "Elder Read I
can't believe I'm finally meeting you! You're famous!" So I asked him
what he was talking about and he said "My mom has been reading your
blog for the past 6 months, every since I got my call! She told me to
look for you when I came out." Hahaha crazy hey? I'll attach a picture
of him.

Anyways, that's all I have for this week. Love you all, have a good week!

Elder Read

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