Monday, August 12, 2013

I Love to Weed Gardens.

You really do get your best thinking time done when you do things that
require zero mental effort. Like weeding! I thought about the
Red-Green episode where the guy proudly declares that he discovered
that he always gets some good thinking time when his wife is lecturing
him hahaha.

This week was the fastest I've had in a long time! It was weird.
Nothing too out of the ordinary happened but I feel like I was just
sitting in this chair emailing!

So first things first, mom how do I cook a roast? We got two of them
from the family that moved out last week, and we want to cook them for
dinner my last two Sundays hahaha. I know how to prepare it (sort of)
but how do I cook it? You're the best!

Soo we drove to Grande Prairie on Thursday which was sweet! Christmas
in August was pretty great! I got this legit paper football stand! It
even has a little leather paper football. It made Weekly Planning this
week a little more bearable :)

On Wednesday (I'm out of order again, I know) we had the library
carnival which was pretty exciting as well! We ran the "spilled milk"
station. Kids came up and threw baseballs at a stack of milk bottles,
just like at the carnival. It's interesting to see just how much of
the town we recognize now. We couldn't get away with anything in this
town if we tried!

Saturday before last we were out tracting in Mclennan, a little town
about 50 km to the NW, and as we were finishing up we saw this lady
sitting at a park bench. So of course we went over and started talking
to her and she invited us back for last Tuesday. The appointment fell
through because we couldn't get anyone to come with us, and so we
rescheduled for this last Saturday, but once again we couldn't get
anyone because it was Branch Temple Night aka drive into Edmonton for
two days. So we again rescheduled for tonight and our new Branch
President is coming with us so that'll be sweet! She's been pretty
willing to reschedule every time so we're hoping for a new
investigator tonight!

The Zone Leaders are driving down to blitz our area tomorrow, so all
four of us will work in High Prairie which is exactly what we need!
I'll be with Elder Doxey, who was in our zone when I was in
Londonderry so it'll be cool to be interviewed by him this time! It'll
be my last interview!

On Friday we're exchanging with Valleyview and I'll be in High Prairie
with Elder Babb. He's brand new, 18, and from Delta, Utah. He seems
like a good guy though I'm excited to work with him.

Hey so when Calista gets married, are we traveling to Utah for the
reception there? If so, when? Is there any sort of schedule worked out
for that whole event? I guess I could just ask her haha.

Oh yeah tell Nicole that I can't wait to play Masterpiece! I've had
two years to polish up my lying and deceit!

Haha you guys take care of yourselves and have a good week!

Love Elder Steven

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