Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Civic Holiday!


Today is a Civic holiday in case you couldn't tell. The whole town shut down because they can!

This week wasn't too bad considering we didn't have much going on. However it's the only week this transfer that we don't have something planned. I'm still the district leader so I may or may not have planned something on all of the dead weeks so now no week is dead for the rest of the transfer! We found out that we're driving into Edmonton on the 21st for Elder Zwick's visit. I guess he originally wanted to do a separate conference in Grande Prairie but 5 hours is a little far! So we get to drive in I'm stoked.

This week we're driving into Grande Prairie on Thursday for Zone Training Meeting. Our zone leaders are sweet too haha we're having a "White Elephant Christmas in August" party! So we're all going in Christmas ties and sweaters. I'll send pictures :)

On Wednesday (I'm out of order I know) we're helping at the carnival at the local library here in town. Our land lady works there so she volunteered us, not that we're complaining! We're just a running a station I guess. Should be fun!

We still haven't found anyone to teach yet, but we're always looking! It's been good for us. When things are slow you really start to self-evaluate yourself and identify things you can do better.

So the Elders Quorum President moved out this last week, reducing the number of Priesthood holders in the branch to 4 not counting us. So yesterday the Stake Presidency drove up and reorganized the Branch Presidency! It was pretty exciting.

Ward Campout! Woo! We had dinner with a member family the other day at their campsite at the Lesser Slave Lake. It was so nice to be around a campfire again. You'll have to let me know how it goes though!

Man Bryant tore a ligament? Isn't that going to affect his playing ability? Is he playing snare? I heard Warren is still there is that true?

It's been hot this week! We had a couple of thunderstorms but no rain outside of that which we were grateful for.

I can't think of anything else that happened. Have yourselves a good week! Love ya!

Elder Read

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