Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Sometimes I Throw Up!"

That movie has been running through my mind for the past 24 hours,
specifically that quote haha. I know I'm strange.

This week was really good! We had the zone leaders come out on Tuesday
and we blitzed the area until Wednesday. I wish I could tell you that
something came from it, but all we got were a lot of good
conversations :) It was so nice to be around other missionaries
though, so it was worth it.

We also had exchange with the Valleyview elders. Okay get this! I went
brought a guy named Elder Babb to High Prairie, and he's only 5 months
older than Bryant! My mind was blown. He's so cool though, I love the
missionaries that are down to earth.

On Wednesday after the zone leaders left, we went out street
contacting, and talked to this guy named Braden Thunder (sweet name)
and set up an appointment at the church the next day. We showed up and
he was there and we had such a good lesson. We brought our new Branch
President and taught him the Restoration. We invited him to be
baptized if he receives an answer that the Book of Mormon was true,
and he said "If I come to know that it's true, you can expect to see
me on the 28th of September." It was dope! He's 19 though and our
Branch's average age is probably 40 haha so hopefully that's not too
big of a roadblock.

I've been having the craziest dreams lately. Mostly of an apocalypse!
So if the world ends, please keep me in mind. I saw it first! Anyways
last night I dreamt that aliens attacked the town I was living in and
they flew in space ships that were about the size of washing machines,
except they looked like little mini houses. They dropped bombs
everywhere and Mom and I were trying to escape the country! It was
pretty crazy.

This week we're driving to Edmonton! Man I'm so stoked. We have to
leave early on Wednesday because I'm not a current temple recommend
holder and President needs to do the interview before Elder Zwick
flies in. We're then going to the temple, and that night I think we're
going to go to Spruce Grove and eat dinner with the Sukhus :) Before
my interview we might go around doing some visiting as well. That's
one of the benefits of serving in Edmonton for most of my mission!
Thursday we'll have the Mission Conference with Elder Zwick, and the
entire mission is driving in. Never in two years have I been somewhere
with the entire mission. The biggest I've witnessed is half, so this
will be sweet!

No Mom I haven't cooked the roast, I think we're going to do that on
my last two Sundays (we have two roasts haha). The picture book is
coming along! Some of the pictures have been harder than others, but
it's coming along!

That's all that happened this week! Enjoy the rest of your trip in
Utah, tell everyone hello for me!

Love Elder Read

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