Monday, August 20, 2012

Now Hiring Investigators


This week we decided to give up on the Family History Center because everyone and their mom seems to be going there lately. So we're back to the library now. But an Elder from my last area gave me his old library card, and the guy I replaced here gave Elder Cone his library card, so we both have two which means two hours of emailing again! It's so much less stressful. Plus there's not much else to do before 1pm when we all go to the church.

This morning I cleaned the bathroom like I do every week. I don't know what it is with clean bathrooms, but I really have a problem when they're dirty haha. Random I know, but I thought you might like to know :)

Hey mother of mine I went and got an A1C today and it was $125. 125! I can't even believe that. I guess since we're in a different health district they charge more down here. That's what I get though for coming to a country with free health care! I'll be getting my A1C's in Edmonton from now on. They'll let me know sometime later this week or the next what the results are. I feel great though!

So this week we met with Lillie, the chinese lady that came to church last week. We went with two sisters from the Relief Society and it went really well. She said she believes there must be a true church out there, and she's willing to look for it. Golden! She really liked the Restoration. We're hoping to meet with her next week because she has family in town this week.

Ray, who was that potential we contacted last Sunday, didn't want us to meet in his house and was under the impression we'd be having lessons on his doorstep haha. We brought a member, so we decided that wouldn't do. So we scheduled another appointment for tomorrow at the church. Hopefully he shows up :)

Despite the fact that we have zero progressing investigators we still keep pretty busy. We've been trying to contact all of the "unknowns" in the ward. Aka the people nobody's heard from or seen in years, OR the people we've never met. It's been keeping us pretty busy, and since we're on bikes it takes a little longer. I love bikes! It's such good exercise and I love being active so it's a win win! We have to take advantage of them before everything turns white for the next 8 months! Honestly I'm really not looking forward to winter. It got down to a whopping 12 degrees the other day and I had my peacoat on all day, no joke haha. My body gets acclimatized pretty easily, but when it gets cold it's gonna be rough until it does.

Man it sounds like you guys had a way busy week! The beach is always fun though, you have no idea how much I miss it! When I get home that's the first place I'm going. Haha when you guys talked about Sister Little at Bryant's Eagel Project I laughed so hard. I love that lady she's one of a kind! Hey send me pictures of Bryant's project I want to see it.

That's crazy that Skylar's back. I wish I could've been there at his Homecoming! Somebody tell him hello for me :)

Okay we're going shopping, have yourselves a great week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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