Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary Parents!

Happy 31st Anniversary Mom and Dad! I honestly don't remember which day it is/was, but I know it's sometime in the 20's of August! I'm guessing the 28th or 27th am I right? Man that means Chris will be 30 this year! You guys are old :) In celebration let me share a scripture in the good book of Proverbs 20:29.
"The glory of young men (and women) is their strength: and the beauty of old men (and women) is the gray head." Love you Mom and Dad! :)

Anyways hello dear family of mine!

Man oh man has it been a crazy week! Our numbers were in the toilet to tell you the truth haha. I say "haha" only to keep from crying. Haha in all seriousness though it was kind of a garbage week. Health-wise and in terms of the work. I've been sick all this week which is totally weird because I never get sick. Honestly I don't remember the last time I had a fever, cold, etc. I just like getting the big stuff like Diabetes! Go big or go home :) Last Sunday we went over to the sister's house (they live with an old member lady and she was present don't worry haha) and gave Sister Bunker a blessing because she was sick. In the process, I think I caught it from her, because I woke up the next day with a super sore throat. Over the next couple days my nose started running a straight up MARATHON and I'm coughing. I've been loading up on Mucinex though which is working wonders! My throat is fine but my nose hasn't finished the race yet. But I feel okay.

Elder Cone and I are still on the hunt for investigators, and it's not looking good. We sure do love tracting though! It POURED rain on Thursday or Wednesday, one of the two, and we were out tracting on our bikes without jackets. So we just kept on tracting haha. Finally I decided I was done and I felt like junk so we came back home and I took a nap. It was glorious and much-needed. So Ray, who was supposed to be a sweet investigator and was super interested at his door, called us on Tuesday and hour before the meeting and told us he's not interested. Sweet! We haven't had any contact with Lillie this week, and so hopefully this week we'll find her home. Other than that we're actually having a lot of fun. Elder Cone is the biggest goofball on the planet and he keeps things interesting and we laugh a lot which is good :) Things will move forward just like they did in Spruce. My testimony of Prayer and Fasting is going to grow a ton!

It's the last week of the transfer! I can't believe how fast it's gone by. I think Elder Cone will stay another transfer but he's thoroughly convinced he's out next week. We'll see what happens.

So on Saturday we stopped by a garage sale and they had this sweet old road bike for $25. The bike i'm using now has a bent back wheel and it scrapes the outside metal all the time it's super annoying. So we used our bottle money that we've been saving up and bought it! After we bought it we realized the tires were flat, and so we threw it in the back of our Malibu because who knew that it was against the rules? Honestly we had no idea haha. Anyways so we got it about halfway in and it wouldn't go any further, so I just sat in the back seat and held the door closed, and we drove about a kilometer down the road to our apartment. Once we got there, we realized the bike was caught in the seat belt, and the seat belt had locked. So we had a bike hanging halfway out of our car that couldn't go in our out because it was entangled by a locked seat belt. So we called around for 15 minutes trying to find someone that might have tools, because all we had was a dinky pair of pliers. Nobody could help us, and so we started trying to take the front tire off with the pliers. That didn't work, so we went over to the handlebars and took those off, and finally after almost an hour of pushing and pulling, it came out of the car :) So that night I took it apart and today we have to go buy new tubes for it and grease it up and she'll be good as new! It's bringing me back to the Target days! I actually really enjoyed working on bikes that was a sweet job.

Hey I wanna vote in this election! All the Canadians are telling me I can get some absentee ballot or something like that? Is that the truth or are they lying to me?

What the heck is Bryant really doing marching band and cross country AND he's center snare? Man that kid is in for a ride of a lifetime! What a stud :) Tell him to email me and update me on his life!

Hey tell Lorena thanks for the picture of my Eagle Project! Looks like she's still standing! It expertly crafted so of course it is :) Anyways that's all for this week. Thanks for all you guys do and I'll talk to you next week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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