Sunday, November 11, 2012

Accidents happen.....

Soooo we had a crazy week, and not really in a good way haha. I'll get straight to it! So on Saturday we were driving back to our apartment, and the sisters texted us and asked us to open the church library, and Elder Penrod had to use the washroom, so we decided to just stop on the way there and open the library. So we pulled into the parking lot, and we usually park at the back, so we got to the first turn, and I definitely could have been going slower....but I wasn't....and it was snowing and icy. Long story short we end up sliding pretty bad into the curb. We hit it pretty hard. When we pulled away from the curb our car was shaking because the two right wheels were bent out of shape. So we called President, got rebuked, and then called a tow truck. It was brutal President wasn't very happy and I can't drive anymore.....but the worst part is that Elder Penrod can't drive either, so one of us will be getting transferred next transfer. Until then we're both walking for 3 weeks haha so when I thought I was done walking in the winter I was wrong. But on the bright side I can now say that not only are we the only walking zone leaders, but we're also the biggest walking area in the mission :) I feel pretty bad about it actually, it'll be an expensive repair that the church's insurance will have to pay for... so yeah. We're good though President told us that he' seen worse but that we need to stop "hot doggin" around haha. So now the missionaries in Fort Mac have to drive down, and actually all of the exchanges have to come to us haha. But things will work out!

On a lighter note, Maggie was baptized! I'll include pictures :) She was super excited and it went really well. When she got into the font she yelled "I should have taken swimming lessons this water is deep!" haha it was pretty funny. There was a good turnout too, the ward's been really supportive of her.

So like I mentioned before, the snow's been coming down hard! We had a good 6-8 inches this week it was crazy. I was gonna talk about how hard it is to drive in wet snow, but I guess that's not a problem anymore...haha. At least tickets will never be a problem anymore.

ALSO on Saturday morning (Saturday just wasn't a good day haha) we were being dumb and swinging from our pull up bar, and Elder Penrod fell pretty hard on the floor. Then while i was showering a lady came up from the room below and told us her smoke detector had fallen when he fell....she was actually super nice about it and we were glad she came to us and not management. So we ended up buying her a new one and all is well.

Halloween was super good. We had dinner at a member's house and they loaded us up with candy! So we came home at 6pm and played ukulele and guitar all night. We've been writing in the chords for all of the hymns in the hymn book lately, and so we just took videos of us singing haha. That's awesome that you had the missionaries over you're awesome! How is it having elders? Ask them if they know an Elder Richardson. He's best friends with Elder Morley!

Hey mom when you called the office last week to check on the package, I was standing right next to Sister McFadzean! We go in every week to get mail and report numbers. Haha so she put the phone down and was like "where is Elder Read serving?" because she's new and doesn't really know the mission. So I looked at her and said "I think he's in Londonderry" haha it was funny. I thought about yelling in the background but I realized that might be a little immature ha. But just know I was there when you called! So yeah I got the supplies, and now I have enough for the Millennium haha thanks. Plus my new pump arrived and so she's up and running. It's so much nicer haha I didn't realize how much wear and tear my old one and gotten.

Hey yeah tell Gramma that I definitely got the letters! I normally write letters on Sunday night but ever since I've been here my Sunday nights are booked making calls it sucks. But Elder Penrod did the calls last night and I wrote letters so her reply should be there soon :) She's awesome!

We had a lesson with Rick, one of our new investigators, this week and it was a gong show haha. He just dominated the lesson and we honestly didn't even get 10 words out the whole lesson. So we're debating on whether or not we'll go back haha. But the work has been really good here I love it. Our investigators are progressing really well! Hopefully I stay after this transfer.....we'll see!

I included pictures! I don't remember which order they're in, but one's of ZLC, a couple are from our first night walking around haha, another is of me in a shirt I found laying around the apartment and put it on over my pea coat, cool right? Another is of us at Maggie's baptism, and another is of me at the accident scene. So there you go!

Alright we're going to go shopping, have a good week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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