Tuesday, November 13, 2012

These boots were made for walking.....

Hey fam,

Sorry I didn't email yesterday, we went to the temple today and so they switched Pday to today instead. It's been a few months since I'd been to the temple last and so it' was super nice to get back there. I love it! I can't wait to be able to go more often when I'm home.

This week was busy! When I was in Southwood, the area wasn't very big and so the longest walks we'd have to take were 30 minutes or so. Here, since our ward boundaries are so big it takes about an hour to get places haha it's brutal on time. We spent a lot of this week getting to know the bus system and trying to figure out what goes where. We discovered that there's a light rail system here too and so it's made things a little easier. We've gotten used to it though. We've been able to talk to a lot of people though, so our finding is definitely improving! I definitely miss our car though haha. It's pretty damaged, and it's a costly repair, which doesn't help ha. We had to file a police report this week because the insurance company (and Canada) require it when the damage exceeds $2000. We've both been depressed this week hahaha it's been a hard pill to swallow. When you've got nobody to blame but yourself it's hard to accept. Elder Penrod and I get along super well, it's like serving with myself haha. So it's hard to think we'll be split up in two weeks because we were being dumb. But what're you gonna do! We've been enjoying walking around though, it's at least nice having someone I get along with out there freezing with me.

Speaking of, it got down to -20 this week! Man alive is it cold. I was in my heavy thermals and my big coat....in November. Last year November was so nice! This winter's going to be a terrible one ha. Thankfully we'll have a car again before winter hits. There's been a ton of accidents lately. We went to the auto body shop this week to get some things out of the car, and there were a ton of cars waiting to be looked at. Winter surprised everyone!

We had our Zone Training Meeting this week it went really well. We just train on what we learned at ZLC, and so we talked about focusing on helping people develop a belief in God and who He is. Something we do a lot as missionaries is just gloss over that particular principle because most people believe in God already. But President talked about focusing on who He is, what his attributes are (physical and spiritual), and what His relationship is in our lives. It was a good training it went really well. We had to announce to everyone that they needed to really be careful about driving in the winter and use your cars wisely, haha so we used ourselves as an example. It was good I think it really opened peoples eyes when they realized that President will actually take away your car ha.

Fort Macmurray drove down this week too since we can't go to them haha. They stayed two nights because it's a 5 hour drive down here, and so it was a lot of fun! I love exchanges.

This week we have two exchanges I'm way psyched. We're going with Clareview which is the area next to ours and is our District Leader, and then Barrhead too. I'm going to Barrhead so it'll be cool to be back there! I went on many exchanges there in Spruce Grove. Speaking of Spruce Grove, one of the members there texted us and told me that Tony Sukhu blessed the sacrament on Sunday! That was really cool to hear. I'm hoping to get out there on exchanges next transfer (if I'm still here) and see them. I miss the Sukhus!

Ray, one of our investigators, is on date for December 1st, and we started teaching his son, Mike, last week as well. This week we got them both on date for December 1st! We're pretty excited. We'll probably have to change their date because of smoking, but it's sweet that they're at least willing to set a date. It says a lot about their desire to be baptized. We're hoping to go over the Stop Smoking Program this week and get them to quit. Pray for them!

Haha yeah Canadians are way involved in American Politics! Most of them are conservative too so they weren't very happy with the election. But once elections are over they seemed to go back to normal haha nobody cares anymore. Life goes on!

Mom I bet you're an awesome nursery leader! Weren't you mine...? Or was that just Primary? That's funny that you bought new toys. You have to be up to date!

Dad's a rap star....can't say I'm surprised! I always knew he had it in him. Go get 'em! :)

Okay it's time to go to the Stake Center. I miss you all!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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