Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy 10 Months!


So in case you weren't already aware, today is officially 10 months until I'm home! That's right, on September 19th, 2013 I'll fly into good old Portland, Oregon again. Start preparing! Just think, 10 months ago I was finishing up my time in Southwood and was almost getting transferred to Spruce Grove! Time goes by too fast!

We had a super good week this week! Walking around is the worst, don't get me wrong, but you sure do talk to a lot of people. We had 17 QGC's (Quality Gospel Conversations), which is a ton; the most I ever had is 19 in Southwood. Anyways, it's all because we walk everywhere. It's good that it happened in Winter too because our numbers always plummet once the cold hits. Nobody wants to be outside contacting haha. So this forces us to!

I don't remember if I already mentioned this last week, but I don't really feel like going back to check so I'll talk about it again ha. We're teaching a guy named Darcy. His wife's a member, and they were on the verge of divorce, but decided to try and work things out. So as part of that, he agreed to take the discussion to see where she's coming from. So we met with him and his wife this week and talked with him to see where he's at. I think his initial interest just came from trying to please his wife, but he seems really solid so far. He's got a good understanding of God and the Gospel, we just have to help him become personally converted to the gospel. So we went over families and how it could help him in his specific situation. We're excited to see where he goes!

Ray and Mike are doing alright. Mike doesn't have much real intent and Ray can't seem to make it to church. So we're focusing on coming to church, because that's the only way they're gonna go anywhere. Ray's solid though so we're hoping we can get him out, he just has a lot of health problems that keep him home.

Hey Maggie was confirmed last Sunday! I just forgot to tell you last week. I got to confirm her so that was cool! I've never done that before it was a cool experience. She's funny haha. She's still a little shaky on english, and so it's been hard to get her to say prayers. But last week we were meeting with her and we invited her to say a prayer and she accepted, and then proceeded to say a BEAUTIFUL prayer haha Elder Penrod and I were so surprised! We just looked at each other. When we told her, she just laughed and showed us her phone, where she had written her prayer down hahaha. She said she had been writing it for awhile :) So then yesterday at church we had asked her to say the prayer in Gospel Principles, and we told her she had to say it from the heart haha without reading it. So we were sitting in Sacrament Meeting and I looked over and she was reading over another prayer she had written down and was trying to memorize it! Haha we laughed for a long time. She's hilarious.

This week we had exchanges with Clareview, the area next to us. I was with Elder Bachuluun from Mongolia he's sweet! He played on the Mongolian Basketball League back home and was on the national team too. He's super humble tough and is hilarious. We had a lot of fun together. He tried teaching me Mongolian, I'm terrible haha. Then the next day Barrhead drove down and we all worked in Londonderry. I worked with Elder Johnson he's from Washington! Somewhere on the coast but I don't remember where. We had to walk though haha so that sucked. But it was okay. Having four missionaries in an apartment is so sweet though it's a party! :)

So this week is Week 6....the last week of the transfer :( we're still bummed and depressed haha but it's all good we've had a good transfer together. Next Monday we'll find out who's leaving. To be honest I don't really care if I stay or go, because I've only been here for 6 weeks and don't know much of the area. So I'm not too worried about it. I'll just miss Elder Penrod! Seriously it's like serving with one of my friends back home. He actually reminds me a lot of Skylar ha.

It's starting to warm up a little bit. It's about -5 outside, which is still cold but a lot better than -19 man that's brutal! I'm used to it snowing and then it being gone in a week, but that same snow that feel 2 weeks ago is still here. I'm looking forward to Summer.

Hey it was Bryant's birthday that's sweet! 17.....he's old. He sounds so busy though haha how does he do it? Yeah Gramma's birthday is today....? Is that right? If so, happy birthday Gramma! I finished a bunch of letters last night while Elder Penrod called around, and so I'll send yours off today!

Yeah Dad our zone alone has had 3 accidents so we aren't alone! Haha we went to the Body Shop again today to drop off some paperwork for the car, and they are SWAMPED. Snow's no good. Mom that email from Bishop Keldson was so funny I laughed pretty hard :) Hey if you could send me that letter that would be best. I have to use it to fill out the application. Thanks!

Okay I think that's it... enjoy your weeks and have a good Thanksgiving! I'll be there next time! :)

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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