Monday, December 24, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....for the past 2 months :)

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had a decent week, nothing to crazy going on. The weather is getting colder every day! It was -31 C with wind chill the other day it was crazy. I was on exchanges at the time. Elder Delaturantaye and I were tracting and we were dying! So we came in for a second to warm up and called the weather number. We were astounded! Winter is officially upon us!

We had two exchanges this week it was sweet. Tofield was fun, Elder Laceste and I did a lot of finding since they don't have much going on either. We have to look for ways to make it fun haha or it gets old, se tried the game where you give the other guy a word and he has to incorporate it into his approach. It gets interesting! We exchanged with Strathcona, the area next to ours, and that was sweet! Elder D (as he's come to be known) is sweet! He's from Fort Polk, Louisiana!

Zone Training Meeting went pretty well! We pretty much just had an open discussion where everyone gave their opinions on how we could improve as a zone and mission, and Elder Coe and I took notes! We're doing the outlying ZTM this week in St. Paul. So we'll drive out on Thursday and do the meeting that morning. Vermilion, St. Paul, Lloydminster, and Cherry Grove all drive in for it. Afterwards we're going to Cherry Grove to blitz with them and go on exchanges with so that'll be sweet! they're about 4 hours outside Edmonton so we'll drive home on Friday and get back that night. We're excited to actually stay busy! Haha

Yesterday we had a combined YSA ward with most of the Edmonton wards.....and there were like 30 people there haha. 5 of them from our ward, and then I think 2 of them left after church for home. So if I'm correct we have something like 3 people here for Christmas! :) We're all set for tonight and tomorrow though, We're going to one of the Bishopric member's house tonight for dinner. Tomorrow we're going to Bishop's for breakfast, then to a member's for calling home/dinner! After that we don't know what we're doing haha. Probably just coming home and partying on our own! :)

We've gone caroling 3 times so far! We get together with the Highlands YSA sisters, and the Strathcona elders and we carol on the steps of the church downtown! It's right on Whyte Ave, a super busy street, and so we get lots of people to talk to :) We've been doing it the past few nights, and it's been good to do something different :)

Hey I attached pictures! They should be in the following order: Me on the roof of Forest Heights my pajamas and heavy coat haha; Elder Coe and I with other missionaries at Christmas Conference; a Target hiring sign!!! Crazy; Me in Tofield with glasses. Classy I know; Our caroling squad!; Elder D and I on exchanges; and then our caroling squad again!

Well that's all of the exciting news for now! I'm excited to talk to you guys tomorrow! It'll probably be around 11am your time (12pm my time). Enjoy your festivities!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

P.S. Have some more! There are some from the rooftop again in Forest Heights; All of us at ZLC; a picture of the city just down the street from our apartment; and then just more caroling pictures!

Love you parents!


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