Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The End is Nigh!

Hey friends!

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, the internet was down at the library :( so here I am!

Man you guys are having a straight up party and I'm not even there! But I guess that's pretty appropriate considering it's the end of the world this week! I've been doing some solid pondering, and I feel very strongly that you should put a picture of me on a chair or something while you open presents, eat dinner, hang out, etc. You know, just so I can be apart of it.

You guys gave Bryant your bed and put the bunk bed upstairs!? Where am I supposed to sleep in 9 months!? I guess Bryant and I will just share...... :) I honestly am not sure at all how you fit the bed in there haha. That's sweet that Bryant's taking lessons again though. He's going to be the most accomplished of us all in life!

We've had a straight up BUSY week! Haha I feel like I type that sentence every week, but this week especially. I'll start from the beginning, but only because you asked.

Sooo on Monday after FHE we drove home, packed up, and hit the road at around 8pm. Our plan was to get there by 10pm. While we were driving out of town though, one of the walking areas called for a ride, and they were definitely going to be late if we didn't go get them.....missionaries these days! So we picked them up and drove them home, but we took forever to find them so it took awhile. By the time we left Edmonton it was 9:30pm haha. So we drove the whole way and got there around 11pm. It was sweet I got a lot of letter writing done because we aren't allowed to sleep in the car haha. Vermilion was sweet. They don't have much going on, so we did a lot of finding. We did a service scavenger hunt where we knocked doors and gave them a list of service opportunities and they'd pick something. We shoveled a lot of driveways haha.

Thursday was ZLC it was pretty sweet! President basically sat down and said " Let's talk about the coming year." So we spent most of the time talking about goals for next year, things we're doing wrong, how we can improve, and he told us a lot of what's going to happen with the influx of missionaries. We talked about the areas in our zones that could handle 4 missionaries, and all that good stuff! It was a good meeting. Plus it was good to see Elder Penrod again! :)

Friday was Christmas Conference it was a lot of fun. They asked me to play piano for it so that was fun I suppose. President gave a training, Sister Campbell talked about manners haha, we had lunch complete with dessert, and then we had the talent show! It was pretty good this year. I played Ukulele for 3 different performances it was insane! I sang "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" in a quartet, "Jingle Bells" with Elder Morley doing it in his Donald Duck voice, and then our zone skit was "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer".....accompanied by ukulele haha. So I'm glad that's done! Hey I got your Christmas letters! Those were sweet you guys are the best! :) They were even written in September that's festive! Hey I got you Christmas package momma! I haven't opened the presents yet don't you worry!

So as a result of ZLC, we're going to have Zone Training Meeting this Thursday, which is where we pass all of the ZLC stuff on to the zone. You're all invited! So that'll be fun. We have a lot of outlying areas in our zone too so we do a separate meeting for them in St. Paul, probably next week.

We taught a new investigator this week! His name's Cal and we talked to him downtown one night while street contacting - one of our favorite things to do. He agreed to meet the next day at the church and he actually showed up! He's YSA age too. We taught lesson 1 and he really enjoyed it. He asked a lot of questions so that was solid. Then we met the next day after church! It was pretty sweet! We're hoping to meet this week and invite him to be baptized. That would be pretty sweet. I love missionary work!

Hey Dad and Chris happy early birthday! :) You guys are getting PRETTY old, in case you weren't aware. But that's alright somebody's gotta do it! Haha I hope you enjoy them :) Oh and tell Debbie happy early birthday too and that I miss her! She's not old though :)

Hey random question what's Isaac's address?

Oh so I went to church yesterday, and the Kingsway YSA ward (the Ed North stake) meets right after us, and I saw Shelby Sukhu there! Man oh man is it good to see recent converts still active! :) So we talked for awhile, and they're all doing super well. I miss those guys.

So our ward isn't meeting together next week haha. Most people will be back home, so they're just not meeting and telling us to go to a different YSA ward that is meeting. Should be fun!

We have two exchanges this week with Tofield and Strathcona. Tofield is actually right after this, and I'm going out there so it'll be sweet I'm excited. I love going to the random places in Alberta! It's like 40 minutes East of here.

Alright my friends, have a good week and don't party too hard without me! Make the most out of the next few days it'll be our last! December 21st is actually here it's weird. I remember in Elementary School worrying (typical Steven I know) about it! If by some small chance the Mayans are wrong then I guess I'll talk to you next week! Oh Christmas calls!! So we're going to a member's house at around noon our time, so I'll probably call around 12:30pm OUR time. Is that 11:30am your time? I'm pretty positive it is, but in case I'm wrong like last time, just remember 12:30 my time haha. Yeah google sounds good :)

Love you guys!

Elder Read

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