Monday, December 10, 2012

New area excitement

Hey family!

This week was a typical busy week in downtown Edmonton! I'm starting to get used to the area and just being around YSA people in general haha. It makes me super trunky seeing young people hanging out! We went to drop something off at our Ward Mission Leader's house and there were a bunch of people there playing cards, singing around the piano, etc. Plus they're all my age! I live a hard life, what can I say?

Soooo to start off the week we went on exchanges with the Assistants. It was good! I realized that I haven't stayed in my area for an exchange since I was with Elder Fifita haha. Crazy! So yeah this exchange was the same, I went to Southgate with Elder Fitzgerald. Oddly enough, his best friend is serving in Kyle's mission and they're super good friends! So we're all gonna hang out when we get home it'll be sweet.

We had our monthly meeting with the Stake President and President Campbell this week. It was good they talked a lot about how it's going to work with all of the new missionaries coming into the mission. President still isn't really sure what's gonna happen haha he doesn't know where to put everyone. But other than that we just talk about each area and how they're doing.

We also went on exchanges with the Forest Heights missionaries. They're the other area downtown but they live in the heart of it all. They're apartment is on the 9th floor of a huge building, it's sweet. I was with Elder Western from Roy, Utah, and we went up to the roof that night and took pictures, but I can't attach them because it's the wrong file type....? I dunno. Anyways funny story! So we went and played basketball that morning with the Spanish missionaries, and on our way down in the elevator Elder Western turns to me and says "I'm having a hard time breathing......weird." Haha so I asked if he wanted to stay home and he said no because it's pretty common (he has asthma). So we get there and he goes out to the foyer to sleep while we play because he hates basketball haha. Halfway through I hear this sound like someone's gasping for air, and I immediately think of what he said in the elevator, so I book it out to the foyer, and there he is, leaning over the garbage can yarfing his brains out haha. He goes for another minute or so, looks up and me and says "I had an asthma attack." and then goes right back to throwing up haha. It was pretty funny. So we took him back and he threw up the rest of the morning. We think he's sick and that's what caused the asthma attack, so hopefully I don't catch it....There were 6 other people in the zone sick this week so....

Elder Coe and I are doing really good together! We get along super well and we see eye to eye on most things. He's super organized and always pushes me to think things out, so it's been really good so far :)

Haha at church yesterday the Elders Quorum President got up and lectured the men about getting married. "Let's face it, YSA wards are for getting married, so we need to keep that in mind. I think some of us are too involved in hanging out and not going anywhere. A number of the girls have expressed to me that none of you ask them out on brethren get on it!" Haha it was funny. Elder Coe and I committed to taking that to heart! Only in a YSA!

This week is super busy too! Tonight after FHE we're packing up and driving to Vermilion which is about 2 hours to the East near the Saskatchewan border. We'll stay there all day Tuesday and then drive home Wednesday morning. Then Thursday is zone leader council, and then Friday is Christmas conference! They asked me to sing with my ukulele, and I wasn't about to do that alone! So I asked around and have a few people singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" with me :) Should be fun!

Okay so for Christmas calls.....I have no idea yet haha. Our Bishop offered to have us over for Christmas morning since nobody else will be around haha, so I'll get that figured out this week and let ya know :)

Alright we're headed out. I miss you guys don't have too much fun without me! And Dad you owe me so many cinnamon rolls, ebelskivers, cobblers, etc that you've promised to "email me." So don't think I'll forget!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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