Sunday, November 13, 2011

First off, I forgot to tell you how cool your joke was that you sent last week! It made me laugh. This week was pretty good! This transfer is coming to a close, and I can't believe how fast it went. This has easily been the fastest 6 weeks of my life. But that's a good thing I guess! We had a mission wide leadership training this week, so Elder Merrell got to go to 2 days of straight up meetings haha. We had the Wainwright elders stay with us for that, so Elder Crockett (one of my MTC companions) was my companion for 2 days. He's a crazy guy haha I missed him. But we were in Southwood so I was in charge I guess! I never realized just how much I follow Elder Merrell around haha it took awhile for me to figure things out but after that we did pretty well. We did a lot of tracting Wednesday and Thursday, but that's defnitely a good thing because the more I talk to people the easier it gets. You definitely meet some interesting people though! There are a lot of East Indian people here, like I mentioned before, and they're all really nice and love to talk until you mention that you're a missionary haha. Then they "no speak english" and close the door. Funny how that works! It's funny though I kind of enjoy tracting. For now :) We have 2 exchanges this week, and for both of them I'll be with new missionaries hahaha it'll be interesting. Meadows. the area north of us just got a "mini missionary" this week. They're missionaries from around the area that are waiting on visa's, and so they send them a few miles from home and have them serve here until they can go to the MTC. This one's from Spruce Grove, which is just outside the city, and he's going to California. ANYWAYS I guess you didn't need to know that, but my point is, I'll be with him and Elder Cone for one of the exchanges so i'll be 3 greenies running around Southwood! It's gonna be sweet haha. Halloween was sweet! Our dinner appointment gave us a ton of candy before we left, and so we sat, ate candy, and watched The Testaments. It was sweet! This week at a dinner appointment we had peroggies....? I'm not sure how they're spelled, but man they're good! They're like dumplings filled with mashed potatoes, topped with cheese and bacon! I ate a lot. The weather here is still holding up surprisingly. The coldest so far is -15 Celsius, which was pretty cold, not gonna lie. But still no snow! Everywhere around Edmonton has it except for us. BC, Grand Prairie, Saskatchewan, and Red Deer all have snow, but we're still dry. I'm definitely not complaining though, and neither is anyone living here haha. Dad, we can listen to anything that invites the Spirit, so yeah if you'd like to send stuff that would be sweet! Momma, I only want the peacoat for times when I'm not gonna be outdoors for a long period of time, which happens a lot, like walking to church and stuff. I bought a big coat this week, it's sweet and it's warm, but the peacoat would be sweet if you wouldn't mind sending it. I also still need to buy boots. I won't be devastated if you can't send it though, let me know. That's awesome that you guys got to go to Auburn. I miss that place! It's always cold though, so I'm not surprised. Nicole's job sounds sweet too! That's great that she got it. How's the rest of the family doing? What're Chris and Geoff's emails? And Nicole's? I'll write them first :) Yep Day Light Savings time was Sunday morning, and it was sweet! We were both up and awake by 5:30 though haha but we were well rested it was awesome. We cut our own hair a little while ago, it's sooo much cheaper than going somewhere for it. Everything is SO expensive is Canada! It's ridiculous. One of the Elders in our district is from Quebec, and he went to culinary school before he came out, and on the last Pday of every transfer he makes a feast at the church! Everyone pays 5 dollars and it's an all you can eat. I'm so excited. Anyways that's all I got this week. Send that speaker, Cd player and coat whenever you can. No rush at all. But hey I miss all of you guys! I wish I could be there for the holidays but I know I'm supposed to be here. I'm loving it so far! The ward here is seriously awesome. There are a LOT of Hydes from down south that visit our ward a lot. They're all from Medicine Hat and that area though. I keep telling myself to go ask if we're related but I always forget. What're some names I could use to see if we're related? That would be sweet. Anyways we're gonna head to the church pretty soon. I love you guys, and to all of those who don't have the luxury of sending me emails, feel free to send me letters :)
Love, Elder Read

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