Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

    You're the best! Thanks a ton for taking care of all of that for me. Sister Campbell called me last night to tell me you were working it all out and she wanted to know the specific brands of all of the stuff that I need, which I'm assuming she passed along to you. So that was good to hear, because I'm runnin' low on the insulin! But I'll probably be good until Christmas. Thanks again though, I'm glad I don't have to worry about that. I owe you one....eventually :) Yeah Elder Crocco told me the same thing! He said he got a letter telling him that he wouldn't be able to leave the country on his mission because of Diabetes, but here we both are! Pretty cool, pretty cool.
    This week was pretty lame hahaha. It was fun, but we didn't get very much done. First off, our investigator didn't get permission from her parents. It's a super long story, but that's for another day. We haven't heard from her in a week so that sucks, but what're you gonna do? Haha. Elder Merrell was sick, so we sat inside for Monday, and most of Tuesday. Then Wednesday was DLC, so Elder Merrell went to meetings and I went with another Elder from the YSA ward in our stake to Waffle Wednesday at the Institute! It was sweet I hope and pray that some day I get to serve in a YSA ward. I love waffles. And they're free! Thursday and Friday he was still sick, and then Friday was Weekly Planning so we were inside most of the day for that! Haha then yesterday was good, but we did a lot of scripture reading this week! It was good though, we got to decorate our apartment Christmas style! It looks awesome, we hung lights everywhere, around our desk, along the walls, etc. Then we set up our little fake tree! I think you know how I feel about fake trees, but in the absence of the real variety I'll take what I can get. We even have ornaments! It almost feels like Christmas :)
    Thanksgiving was pretty good. We ate at two places, and ate a lot. We went over to a single sister's place for dinner with her and her kids, and then went to dessert at another family's place. They made pumpkin cobbler it was the bomb! I love Thanksgiving.
    I also got my pants unhemmed! They've always been a little short, and it kind of bothered me when I got them, but it's been driving me up the wall lately! So I had the Relief Society in our ward unhem them all! She's a hilarious lady. So now my pants fit! It's a beautiful feeling.
    The weather went backwards this week too! It was a weird week haha. Last week it was sitting at a nice -20 C, and now it's just about freezing all of the time. As weird as it sounds, it's so warm! I honestly could have walked around without a jacket. They were right when they said you get climatized! It's awesome haha. It's supposed to be about 7 C all week so that'll be sweet! The warm days are numbered so you have to take advantage of them while you can!
    This week should be good. We have the Nativity thing going on downtown, which is like the one they do in Vancouver back home...? I think it's in Vancouver. The one I sang at. So that'll be fun. Then we have the Ward Christmas Party, and then the Christmas Devotional on Sunday! Super stoked, it'll be a good week fasho!
    That's pretty much all I'ev got for this week. I don't care what you send for Christmas, I'll take anything! The speaker and the CD player along with whatever music you're feeling! Surprise me haha. I feel like I need something, but I can't remember what it I'll email you this week if I think of anything. 
    You guys are the best! Thanks for all of the support, I hear about Elders that come out without their family's support and it makes me grateful I have people back home like you guys! I love and miss you guys, do work!
Elder Read 
Ps - We live in 2 man apartments. They got rid of the 4 mans because nothing gets done with that much testosterone in one home. Hahaha

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