Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Man Holiday Pdays are the best! They don't want us out proselyting after 6 tonight, and that's when Pday ends, so it's an all day event! We're planning on watching the Testaments, I'm in Heaven.
So this week was a good week! We've really been pushing to get 20 lessons a week, and Presidents been coming down on everyone to get them. So we really worked hard this week and got 19....haha it was brutal but at the same time that's still really good for us. We're only teaching 2 investigators right now so we had a lot of member lessons haha. But they count dang it! Haha so funny story. Last week at church this guy from Palestine showed up to the ward after us. They could barely understand him, but they found out he lives in our area so they passed him over to us. So we went over to his house on Wednesday and tried to talk to him. I say try because he was seriously impossible to understand. he could understand us well enough but we understood about 20% of what he said, and even then it was just the subject of what he was talking about. I'm very immature, and almost laughed, a lot. But I didn't :) Anyway so we realized there was no way we could teach him so we invited him to church this sunday and figured if he understood us then we'd teach him then. So yesterday after Sacrament meeting we go out and there he is! But he's holding a big folder of papers and stuff. So we start talking to him, or trying at least, and he starts pulling out passports, visas, and other travel documents hahaha. He thinks we're from the government so spent the entire second hour showing us his passports and giving his life story and how he's living here legally. Hahahaha man it was one of the funniest experiences of my mission so far. He's a great guy, and I THINK we might have convinced him we were missionaries, and that we didn't care whether he was legal or not haha. So we invited him back to the church on Tuesday and we'll try and teach him there. We're going to get a whiteboard to draw some pictures. Haha so that was a funny experience.
Other than that it was a pretty normal week. It was the first week since I got here that we didn't have any exchanges, so that was nice. Mom I got the package finally! Thanks a bunch I was starting to get low on supplies. Hey so I have a I want my peacoat hahaha. I know I know I should have taken it....but I think I want to send this CTR coat home because it's seriously huge, and then replace it with my peacoat. Also, I bought a nice winter jacket last week, but my VISA doesn't work anywhere I used my mastercard. Oh well! So yeah if you wanna send my Peacoat that would be wonderful :) you're the best! 
Hey by the way, if you were planning on sending me anything for Christmas, then I would send me the Hallowed Journey! Haha it's a dramatized Book of Mormon recording! Seriously it's the best. The Spanish elders have it in their car and they listen to it everywhere. It's the best. Look it up :) also, I need a CD player and my white speaker. None of these things are urgent, since Elder Merrell has a CD player and we don't have a car. But whenever you're feeling particularly loving, you can send those. If you want :)
So yeah let me know if we can do that jacket swap. This jacket I brought is good, but big. Give it to Bryant :) So yeah, that's all I need. I think I'm gonna send home some lancets with the jacket. I have WAY too many and they take up a lot of room.
Hey random but I just remembered I saw the Northern lights! They were super bright but I couldn't get a picture, it was too dark :( but seriously it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. They were just green, but still awesome. This is super early in the year to see them too so we got lucky! One of the many benefits of a walking area :)
But yeah it's been a great week! I've felt the Spirit stronger than I ever have in my entire life here. I've never read so many scriptures or prayed more in my life either, but it's great. I love it out here and I'm doing really well.
Hey also random but I just thought of this too, have you ever eaten rice crackers??? They are the best. Elder Merrell got hooked on them and passed it on to me. They're super cheap too! Man they're good. Hey how's oreo??? I miss that little guy. He'll probably be gone when I get back so take a picture of him and send it to me! Not the cat though, she'll live forever. It's still not snowing yet, which is weird for this area, but I'm not complaining! It's getting cold, but nothing too bad. I bought some light gloves and the jacket I bought is a good one so I'm doing good. But yeah that's about all I got! Have a good week! I attached some pictures. I haven't taken pictures here yet, my camera's been dead and I keep forgetting to charge it. So I'll send some more from the MTC! :) I have a lot of those haha. Sorry if there's repeats, I don't remember which I sent last week haha.
I love you guys!
Elder Read
PS funny story about all of those dryer sheets. So I bought a box in the MTC, and we were doing laundry the last day, and I kept that box at the bottom of my laundry basket. So we went in to do launndry and I just dumped all of my clothes out into the dryer, and I didn't notice the box go in I opened it up and they were everywhere! 75 sheets went in with the load hahaha. All of my clothes had this nasty waxy feel to them forever! They're good now. What's worse is that they were whites, which is 90% of what I wear. Haha it was awesome.

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